Billy "Bill" Bernard Britt

  • Born: August 28, 1931
  • Died: January 23, 2013
  • Location: Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida

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Tribute & Message From The Family

Message From The Family

Thank you for your support during this difficult time. Please enhance this tribute to Bill by adding your memories and photos.

Bill Britt
August 28, 1931 - January 23, 2013

Billy Bernard Britt, Korean War Veteran, founder and leader of Britt World Wide, and Amway Founders Crown Ambassador and Founders Council Member, died on Wednesday, January 23, 2013. He was 81 years old.

Bill was born to Edward and Vivian Britt in Rocky Mount, North Carolina, on August 28, 1931. He joined the United States Army in 1949, and was quickly selected to attend the Army's Officer Candidate School at Fort Belvoir, Virginia. Bill was one of only two candidates in his class without a college degree to be chosen. He excelled in OCS and graduated in the top two of his class. He went on to serve honorably as an officer in the Korean War, eventually rising to command a floating bridge unit. After finishing active duty, Bill continued to serve his country as commander of a National Guard Reserve Unit. Bill attended college on the G.I. Bill at North Carolina State University in Raleigh, N.C., where he studied civil engineering. While in college, Bill met his beloved wife Peggy Garner in 1956. They were married the next year on July 13, 1957.

After college Bill worked as an assistant to the City Manager in Raleigh, and then as City Manager in Sanford, N.C. and Goldsboro, N.C., and Town Manager in Carrboro, N.C. Bill went on to earn a Master's Degree in Public Administration at the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill. Not long after, Bill was introduced to Amway by a friend who knew that Bill had recently lost $10,000.00 on a failed business venture. With an initial investment of only $25.00, Bill joined Amway in 1970 in an effort to make back the $10,000.00 he had lost. In the following years Bill catapulted to success, reaching the Crown Ambassador level of the Amway organization in the United States and India. Bill believed that Amway was built on people helping people, and he continued throughout his life working to inspire and motivate others to achieve success. He was instrumental in forming numerous other businesses outside of the Amway organization.

Bill is survived by his wife, Peggy, his sisters Barbara Todd (Fayetteville, N.C.), Ginny Kiker (Raleigh, N.C.), and Edith Lynn Kirkland (Orlando, FL), and his brothers Eddie Britt (Fayetteville, N.C.), Bobby Britt (Raleigh, N.C.), and Jimmy Britt (Orlando, FL). He was preceded in death by his mother, Vivian Britt, his father, Edward Britt, and his sister, Shirley Faye McDonald

A visitation will be held on Sunday, January 27, 2013, from 3:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. at Rouse Funeral Home at 108 N. Caswell Street, La Grange, N.C., 28551. The funeral will be held Monday, January 28, 2013, at 1:00 p.m. at Rouse Funeral Home, with the burial to follow at Fairview Cemetery. In lieu of flowers, the family requests that donations be made to any of the following churches where Bill and Peggy were associate members, or to the following charitable organizations: La Grange Christian Church, P.O. Box 442, La Grange, N.C., 28551; Blowing Rock First Baptist, P.O. Box 3, Blowing Rock, N.C., 28605; Palm Valley Baptist Church, 4890 Palm Valley Road, Ponte Vedra Beach, FL, 32082; Britt World Wide Charities, 150 Golden Drive, Unit 110, Durham, N.C., 27705; Easter Seals, the Wounded Warrior Project, Samaritan's Purse, St. Jude Children's Research Hospital, or the U.S. Dream Academy. Online condolences may be expressed at Arrangements are with Rouse Funeral Home, La Grange.


Condolence & Memory Journal

Dear Ms. Peggy and family:

I will never forget the teachings Bill and Paul Miller personally shared with our group back in the early 90s. Nor the tour of Paul Miller's mansion, with Bill as the surprise guest speaker. My ex-husband and I were in the Art Leazer downline leg here in Fayetteville and having the opportunity to be personally taught by the best meant so much to us back then. He made an impact in my life. The functions were always life changing events as well. I recall standing beside Bill's red Spider that was sitting beside the stage and talking with him and him telling me "personally" never let anyone steal your dream! Those words stuck with me after all this time. Unfortunately, back then I did let people steal my dreams but I wanted you to know that I have never and will never forget him, you and all that you both shared with the world!

I was very saddened to learn of his passing but I know that you both have been a blessing to so many and his legend will always live in the hearts of those he touched! I am so glad I still have my book of Diamonds, personally autographed by him, Paul Miller and Art Leazer. I also still have all the cassettes (wish I could find a way to get them converted to CDs) from those days - the interviews at the Miller "mansion", and the personal training sessions he did for us. I am now in a new network marketing business and have my list of motivational books that I read back then. I will be incorporating them in my new adventures and Bill's voice will always ring in my ears "NEVER LET ANYONE STEAL YOUR DREAMS" and "SOME WILL, SOME WON'T, SO WHAT, NEXT"!! God speed and until we meet again, much love and blessings to you and your family!

Posted by Libby Royal Taylor f/k/a Libby Royal Hill - Stedman, NC - Former IBO   December 23, 2015

Thanks Bill! Life is getting so much better with your teachings..

Your straight forward truthful teachings save so much time in our success journey.. You should see what our 6 year old daughter writes about her mother & father in school.. All due to your teachings she has a better father in me & a strong mother in my wife, her mother Madhuri.. In line with your teachings & all great men's teachings..

Recently rocket scientist & former president of India Mr Kalam passed away. He also taught that in order for a nation to be corruption free, only 3 people are important - father, mother & teacher..

what a powerful truth!!

Thanks to you for having taught "father power" in a 93 audio tape.. World is blessed with your wisdom in tapes!! Thanks for each of them..

We promise to keep the conviction of having over 100 FAA points soon.. & teach the world simple truths which will help our kids love in a far better, peaceful world than what we lived in..

Will miss you on each of yours & peggys special dates.. Even if the dates of talks (which i guessed perfectly through what you said in each of tapes) ..

We both are remembering you on your birthday anniversary .. 28 aug 2015.. Missing you.. Love you so much..

Posted by Samir Dudhgaonkar - Thane West - Spiritually connected IBO   August 28, 2015

You made such a difference in my life and the lives of my family. I respected your beliefs and convictions. I believe you were put on this earth to do just what you did. Many did not like it because they did not understand that they needed to hear it.......or maybe they did ,and that is why they would condemn.. We will miss you. Now you can rest in peace with our Savior.

Posted by Robert and Miranda Hunt - Smithsburg, MD - Use to be in Amway   March 01, 2015

Thank You for not quitting after your 1st quitter

Posted by David Winslow - Saint Joaeph, MO - Way down line   January 11, 2015


After I met him my life was never the same. He spoke with wisdom that can only come from experience. I am grateful that I went to his house in NC and heard him speak. Thanks Bill.

Posted by Brett Propst - Centerville, GA - mentee   December 18, 2014

I lived most of my life in Virginia until moving to Utah in May 2007. I met Bill Britt in the 1990's when scouting the Amway business as part of John Crowe's down line. He flew into a small airport near the Richmond International Airport in Sandston, Virginia for an upcoming Amway conference in Richmond. I had never seen so many people run out of an airport to greet a person. It was if a rock star or some celebrity landed. I managed to make my way through the crowd and shake his hand. And, quite remarkable, he was genuinely interested in every person who wanted to talk to him. When I heard him speak at the conference, what impressed me the most was not his money, or business wisdom, but his strong conviction of faith and trust in Jesus as Lord and Savior. John 3:3-16; Ephesians 2:8-10. Amen.

Posted by Kenneth M. Wilbourne Jr - Ogden, UT   August 31, 2014



Posted by harish dash & anita dash - ROURKELA, IN - great mentor   August 10, 2014


What a great year Bill & Peggy.... Thanks to applying your teachings our life has drastically improved within last year only ( apl 2013 post of mine till now)...

Have a great relationship with God, my close-knit family, growing business's and helping social projects...

Wasn't possible without God, My dear wife Madhuri, your both teachings through CD's and Britt System...

Learn so much from your CD's.... Thank you so much for giving so much of your time and wisdom for building a peaceful, prosperous, happy world....

Samir, Madhuri.& Mrunal..
Thane India.

Posted by Samir & Madhuri - Thane, India - Bill & Peggy - our Mentors   May 08, 2014

No asbestos suit needed where Bill is going. Rest in Peace.

Posted by Skip Jackson    April 29, 2014

Ms Peggy Britt, i'm so sorry to read that Mr. Britt has passed. Mr. Britt helped shape me into the man i am today. You will always be in my prayers. Thanks Kevin Earl 214.909.2551.

Posted by KEVIN EARL - DALLAS, TX - AMWAY DIST.   April 15, 2014

Dear Bill and Peggy,

Me and my wife have never met you guys, but we have heard many of your CDs from our mentors. You guys built our dream! We have been impacted in soo many ways because you started Amway and never quit! We are NEW PLATINUMS this month in Amway. We will go Diamond and travel the beaches of the world with you in spirit.

Thanks forpaving the way for the next generation.

Daniel Jackson

Posted by Daniel Jackson - Centreville, VA   March 22, 2014

Hi Mrs. Peggy Britt, you don't know my name , however, i want to thank you for being a great wife to Bill Britt. I attended my 1st Conference in 1992.. My brother and I thought we would party down in Dallas Texas at one of yalls functions.,, we got more than we expected.. We found Jesus Christ.. My brother and I come from a family of poverty, alcoholism and low self image. Bill told us that the only limits a person has are self imposed.. God has a great plan for each person., however most will never discover it. My brother and I today have successful families and businesses, sober and no longer smoking marijuana.. We will continue the Fight till are time is done here on earth.. Thank you Mrs. Britt. Your husband has taught me many things and still does through audios.. We will finish strong.. God Bless You..

Posted by moses alvarado - Deer Park, TX - Student   March 04, 2014




RIP Bill Britt. I had the honor of meeting you several times during the course of my life. You spoke at a Miller function in Washington DC and I accepted Jesus as my Lord and Savior. I milled through the crowd to the stage and shook his hand and thanked him for sharing the gospel with me that morning. He was humble and told to move on and succeed. I also met him at a Britt School in Chapel Hill. I learned so much about real success that day. I had several personal questions that needed answered and he took the time to share his thoughts. I will always be thankful for the influence that Bill Britt has left on my life. Can't wait to see you again in heaven.

Posted by Todd F. Taylor - Richmond, VA - Former Downline   December 26, 2013

So inspired by you and your inspiration will live on with me.

Posted by Arbie L. Tickle - Roanoke, VA - ex-associate   December 22, 2013

I was always amazed at how Bill Britt could clear the air in the room. I would come to the rallies loaded down with negativity. When Bill Britt finish speaking the air was clear, clean and everyone was excited and happy. How I admired that man. I could've easily worshiped him but he always pointed to Jesus as the source of his strength and courage. I couldn't get over how fearless this man was. My quest to understand led me to excepting Jesus is my savior. If God has a Triple Crown reward in heaven Bill Britt is the one to receive it. Thank you Bill and Peggy for changing our lives for the better.

Posted by Robert St Clair - PA   October 26, 2013

To Peggy and the rest of the family to Bill, I would like to offer my sincere condolences to losing him.

You don't know me but I was a part of your group in the late 90's.
What sparked this was that I was watching a video with John Maxwell and Les Brown. John was talking about being honest from stage and it got me to thinking about how Bill always spoke. From the heart! I just wanted the family to know that I'm one of the ones Bill affected. If it weren't for him, I might not have even known who John Maxwell is and I'm quit sure my life would have been going in a different direction. The Bulldog will always be with me!

Peggy you were always there beside him and I appreciate that. The two of you exemplify what a happy married couple should be and you never got enough recognition for that! Behind every great man is a great woman!

Again, I'm truly sorry for your lose but I can bet you this, Bill is making them laugh in heaven right now!!

God bless,
Richard Heller

Posted by Richard Heller - Anchorage, AK - Bill was a mentor of mine!   October 25, 2013

Bill and Peggy's talks were some of the best I had as annew IBO. I am now in the Snipes group since Ren Morris passed away. He an Bill said more to me about what sucessful person was than all the edcucation I had before BWW and I was in my 40's then. I still have some of his famous tapes and will always remember him for his love and leadership and for having church services at the funtions. May Peggy and his family have peace with his passing knowing he had a positive influence on so many people including some who did not do everything he taught and may not have bee a success in Amway but that he still helped them be a success in life. His success thought process is still with me and I am 74.NE786

Posted by Claude and Dorothy Busic - VA   October 15, 2013


My sincere condolences on the passing of Bill Britt. Although I was never financially successful in the Amway business and left a number of years ago, I was always inspired by Bill's talks at various functions about how to succeed as a successful human being in life - both in and outside of money making endeavors. God Bless you Bill, and I look forward to meeting up with you again in heaven down the road.

Posted by Michael Puccio - Boca Raton, FL - former downline distributor   October 02, 2013


My husband and I have fond memories of the Britt System and your teachings!

You are missed!

Posted by Linda Cooper - Universal City, TX - Former Business Associate   July 27, 2013


Dear Bill & Family:

Condolences. We will meet him at a better place all of us.


Posted by Carlos - MIAMI, FL - Amway IBO   May 04, 2013


Dear Peggy,

Bill in 1980 CD ( I had a dream ) talked of BWW IBO's having men & women together, hence beating no 1 Direct-selling company of the world..

You & Bill have done it. Isn't it divine that it happened when bill was alive only ( Financial year 2012 is when Amway became no 1 in Direct-selling Industry)... I am very sure it wouldn't have happened so quickly except for great teachers like you both.

Committed to making you proud by having hundreds of CAM's in our group and teaching them and the society of your and God's teachings..... Bringing honor & glory to God....

Since I was 8 years old I had desire to be massive influencer like Shivaji Maharaj ( Legendary Hindu King).. You & Bill taught me how to do exactly that..

God bless...
Count on us to inspire the world like you both and surely better way by learning from you only...

When we do this people will be like - Boy! Look at Samir & madhuri.... Where did they learn all that allowed them to be no 1 couple of the world??

Answer to that Question would be - They learned from Bill & Peggy Britt & Godly teachings through scriptures.... And then people would eagerly learn from your CD"s again.... read scriptures with more confidence...

Love you both..
Samir, Madhuri & Mrunal Dudhgaonkar.
Thane, India.

Posted by Samir & Madhuri Dudhgaonkar - Thane - Gr8 Gr8 Grandkids US-India IBO   April 30, 2013

Dear Peggy,
At my first major function, in Franklin KY, 1983, if I remember correctly, Bill spoke at the Sunday morning service and "put all the pieces together" in a way I had never experienced before. I accepted Christ that morning and have been growing in my relationship with Him since. Though I never achieved what I wanted in the Amway business, I learned some incredibly valuable lessons and am enriched because of my experience. I am, literally, eternally grateful to Bill for the way he allowed God to use him in my life.
May God bless you and keep you,
Your friend,

Posted by Darin Keiser - Elkton, MD - Former downline through Spencers   April 26, 2013



Posted by P. Senthil Lewis - ooty - Follower   April 03, 2013


I wish that I could have met Bill in person. He at the WWDB meetings showed me what a real man was and gave me something to aspire too. I always loved to hear him speak and while I know many thought him odd or wierd, it was simply because my generation did not know what a MAN talks like and walks like since my generation has tried to oblitererate men from the earth. The rest of my time hear I will keep trying to emulate him and follw his example. My sympathies to Peggy and the family. I will miss him and so will many others.

Posted by Sherman Bogard Jr. - Portland, OR - Business   March 29, 2013


I was honored to have met Bill at an Amway convention in Asheville, N.C. many years ago. Bill was a man among men, an inspiration to many, and will be deeply missed. My condolences to the family.

Posted by marty cunningham - newport news, VA - friend   March 09, 2013

Dear Bill, I salute you for your courage and dedication. I honor your principles and teachings. I am thankful and blessed to have you in my heart and mind. Your words of inspiration and incouragement can lift anyone and will continue to lift. You are truely a legend and world misses you so much. I prey that your soul rests in peace in heaven. I prey that Peggy and your Family all around the globe be always protected and be inspired by your vision and mission.

Posted by Krishna Sapkota - Boston, MA - Downline IBO, Your Student.   March 09, 2013

Bill you are truely a hero in the life of millions including me. I am blessed to get to know you and get your teachings. Your teachings will continue for generations to come, you will be remembered and your legandary story will touch millions of lives all around the globe. I pray for your soul which is in peace in heaven. Thank you Bill for all you have done. You will always be in my heart and mind. Thank you Peggy for sharing Bill with us for so many years!!

Posted by Krishna Sapkota - Boston, MA - Downline IBO, Your Student.   March 09, 2013


Dear Bill,

Glory to God for sending you on earth!

Bill, you started the business march 1 1970 ( as told in many CD's by you).. After 43 years, march 2013, because of your and Peggy's inspiration and influence all over the world, we are just couple hudread million away from being No 1 in our Industry.

How do you beat a 1886 start-up, a 126 year old corporation in only 53 years?Bring Bill & Peggy Britt in your corporation!! Simple!!

You are the Father Power i have Bill. My whole being is committed to bring more glory to God by making our corporation the largest amongst all companies in years to come....

Why not let everyone get to hear the most awesome Bill & Peggy Britt teaching about lovely home team, father power, unlimited ethical dreams, manhood, free enterprise, family units and so many nuggetts?

Love you a lot Bill....

Missing you and eager to make you proud by implementing your teachings ...

Miss the opportunity to get to talk with you ever but your CD's are there to guide us... Can't wait to make it happen for you as a give back to yours and peggy's efforts of endless giving to the world !

Posted by Samir & Madhuri Dudhgaonkar - Thane - IBO USA & Mumbai   March 04, 2013

We often remember the time after a Britt Family Reunion when Rick and Toni Fairchild took their team and ate barbeque and drove to Bill & Peggy Britt's home in Chapel Hill. Bill shared some of life's greatest teachings and played the piano for us. How very special that time was. I remember looking out of the huge window in their great room at a beautiful mountain view and thinking how blessed we all were to be in that environment at that moment.

God love you, Bill Britt. We know that you are resting in peace. God love you, Peggy Britt. We know that you will keep the legacy alive.

Posted by Parker & Jennifer Jones - Roswell, GA - IBO   March 01, 2013


we missed you.Its a great loss to the young as well as the old entrepreneurs . Heartfelt condolence to your family. May your soul rest in peace.

Posted by sharda yonzon    February 24, 2013


we missed you. Heartfelt condolence to your family. May your soul rest in peace.

Posted by man yonzon    February 24, 2013


sevgili Bill BRT,(EFSANE LDER) ölümü bizleri derinden üzmütür PEGI ve sevenlerinin ba saolsun...

Posted by nevin gökçe - istanbul - bölükbasi elmasi   February 22, 2013

Dear Bill,

as you claimed in an 1980 CD- you have beat any outfit about having impact on Freedom of the Free World from your Kenmore Road Home by teaching success principles.... This was when your "SUCCESS COURSE" was not acted upon by some university by saying - you are ahead of it's time..

That's exactly you were Bill - Way ahead of anyone about teaching important topics for a harmonious life..

No wonder your CD's teach me the best about manhood, husband-wife home team, freedom, free enterprise, and many aspects which are critical for wholesome living experience...

I am a die hard fan of what you have tuaght and committ to live by those teachings on CD... Did my MS in USA and am in your org since 2002 Jan.... my father is bigtime politician since 1970's in India.... he is former minister of state in Maharashtra Govt, is a sitting Member of Parliament in India and i have met, heard from many leaders of volunteer teams...

BOY.... you were so special Bill.. I am in awe of the following one-liners picked up from your CD's ( tapes during those early days)...

•There is never anything as disheartening for a wife as to see a husband being so intent on making his dreams come true that he lets everything go to the pot that's imp right now."(1990 Spring Leadership Talk message.)

•What should a wife do? It is to ask her husband his hopes, dreams and ambitions and dedicate her life to the fulfillment of it. You know what the man ought to do? Ask his wife what her hopes, dreams and aspirations are and dedicate his life to fulfill those." Crown Attitude 95 Message.

•You can't teach what you don't know. And you don't know until you do it yourself. Only a piano player can teach how to play piano well. Same way only a successful person can teach how to succeed.

•Spiritually if In wrong direction then person must be in wrong direction physically too.

•What creates happiness? Productivity. What creates Productivity? Harmony. What creates harmony? Unity. Unity at home, unity in team. Unity between husband and wives. What creates Unity? - Submission" 1990 West Coast FED Tape.

•Real winners never get to be big shots. If they don't do what helped them get above the crowd then they won't be able to stay above the crowd." 1982 Things are not what they seem to be Tape.

•Love yourself. That's why we must know we are doing the right thing with our lives. Because we have to live with ourselves 24 hrs of the day.

•This is the biggest army being built because it's based on trust, respect for each other.

So thankful to you Bill for being so articulate and "telling like it is".. Hats off to you and peggy for giving of yourself so freely..

Thanks Peggy for being the woman of Bill's dreams... His teachings on how to treat, pamper, provide for one's life partner are outstanding and have stood the test of the times...

God Bless.. Eager to make sure the world keeps hearing about Bill & Peggy Britt and what they have taught by teaching what they have taught for over 40 years..... Test of a legend - passing the time test of being active with the same fervor for decades and decades...

Posted by Samir Dudhgaonkar - Mumbai - IBO in Gala India Org   February 21, 2013


Bill impacted millions of people in India in a unique way. He defied the concept called 'passed away'. Hereafter his life will be supported by millions of hearts around the globe forever! A true Legend!!

Posted by Saravanan & Latha - Coimbatore, India - Follower   February 19, 2013


Zawsze bdziemy pamita, pokazae nam drog do wolnoci za co dzikujemy

Posted by Ewa Mieszkowska - WARSZAWA - POLAND   February 18, 2013

Dear Peggy & Family,
Thank you for sharing Bill with us and all of BWW for so many years. He was a great inspiration to many, and because of the legacy he left behind, he will continue to inspire for years to come. Although we never had the chance to meet Bill, we feel blessed to have been a part of his team. We feel blessed that our leaders in business have sat at his feet to learn, and are passing that knowledge along to us. One of the things we will remember most about Bill is that he was a strong leader, who taught men how to be men. But even as tough as he was on stage, he also showed the most tender heart towards Peggy. Bill will be missed, but we know he is watching over all of us. God Bless you Peggy & Family.

Posted by Chris & Pam Barnard - Concord, NC   February 18, 2013

one of the best person i've ever met

Posted by Dominic Fernando - BWW Associate   February 13, 2013


Bill is my hero.

Posted by Tajudeen Towolawi - RIDGEFIELD PARK, NJ - IBO   February 11, 2013

Peggy - the Blessings you and Bill have bestowed upon others are so vast that as with Abraham, they are too many to count. At the annual FED function in 1984, September 2nd in Long Beach, California (my favorite of all the major functions), Bill had finished the Sunday morning service and began the alter call. My then boyfriend felt the tug and went forward to accept the Lord as his personal Lord and Savior. We were married the following February and have been married for 28 years this month. Had it not have been for Bill and the Amway Business, there would have been no wedding that February in 85 between us. The lives that have been touched because of the selflessness of you and Bill are known only to Jesus. Near and dear to my heart is a phrase that I shall always remember and will fondly and thankfully remember the life of Bill - "That's it, PERIOD". As you struggle through this season and rely upon Christ and those close to you for the strength to go forward, Bill is enjoying the rewards that were set aside for him by Christ - and how pleased Bill was to hear Jesus say, "Well done my good and faithful servant - THAT'S IT, PERIOD!" We pray for peace and strength for you and your family during this time. From the depths of our heart, thank you for sharing Bill and your lives all these years.... Dennis and Sandy Long, part of the Jim and Judy Head family ....

Posted by Sandy Long - Corona, CA - Friends by Capitalism and Dreams   February 11, 2013

To add I'll make the vision of breaking 100 diamonds a live by becoming one and breaking the most if not it personal decision i have made to take my businesses to next level and keep the legacy alive

Posted by Ilham Nur - Minneapolis, MN - BWW IBO   February 11, 2013

Taught me how to speak what i want as i already have it and not anybody to steal my dream

Posted by Ilham Nur - Minneapolis, MN - in Britte organization   February 11, 2013

Bill I accepted Jesus as my personal Lord & Savior at a Williams Family Reunion in Pittsburgh, PA 30 years ago.

I never became a DD or Ruby or Emerald or Diamond instead I have a personal relationship with Jesus that perhaps I would never have had it not been for that Altar Call of yours on that Sunday service.

It also changed my Mother's life, shortly there after.She too accepted Jesus at a weekend event. My Mother, Martha went to be with "Her Jesus" in November of 2011at the age of 89 yrs.

My story is one of countless of stories of people that came to know the LORD because of Sunday morning services at weekend events. Thank you for doing them even though some would have preferred you didn't.

I know Bill, that you were welcomed into Heaven - not with the accolades afforded an Executive Diamond or any other Earthly titled - rather you were welcomed with the words - "Well done good and faithful servant"? - Matthew 25:21.

To Peggy and the extended Britt Family - may the Lord comfort you and always meet your needs in this difficult time

Posted by Bianca Serrano - Woodland HIlls Ca, CA - Downline   February 10, 2013


Through Bill Britt leadership i learnt lots of things which changed my life, he was a great personality.

May his soul R.I.P


Vipin Alex


Posted by Vipin Alex - dubai - friend   February 09, 2013


Thank you Bill Britt,
There is no SECRET in the AMWAY business but you.
Thank YOU for your teaching, teaching by your examples. It's has made a everlasting impact in our personal & business life.
Your memories will live on forever.
Your DREAMS are still alive - 100 DIAMONDS a YEAR....

Love you,
Dalpat & Joshna Mistry

Posted by Dalpat & Joshna Mistry - NJ - BWW IBO - Your student forever   February 08, 2013


I learned many things from Bill (and Peggy) from stage at many functions. The most powerful is "Our words are our seeds, our life is a result of how we think, speak, and take action." I know Jesus escorted Bill to Heaven where God told him, "Well done my good and faithful servant." What a Blessing Bill's teachings have been, and continue to be in my life. (My prayers to all the family, love sincerely, Lynda)

Posted by Lynda F. Smith - Roanoke Rapids, NC - Amway Downline, Friend   February 07, 2013


Dear Bill,
I wasn't fortunate to see or meet you but i know that whenever i achieve my goal, you will always be around because the LEGACY YOU HAVE SET LIVES ON...

Keep resting Bill, we shall definitely meet someday.

With love from a Student of yours whom your Educational Platform has help tranformed his ways of thinking, interacting, or may I say you have changed my life for the very best.

Once again, thank you so much Bill.

Rest in Bossom of the Lord.

Posted by ABDULRASHEED SHOYEMI - Chicago, IL - Student of BWW Edu. System   February 05, 2013

Dear Peggy,
Bill has been impacting my life for my entire life literally. I am 30 years young and I have been listening to you and Bills talks on tapes and cds since I was born. My parents have been in the amway business for over 30years. I grew up with a very strong sense of self worth and value and a strong desire to serve the Lord with all my heart through business. I didn't learn that from my parents. I learned that from Bill Britt and many other leaders that have come behind Bill.
I had the opportunity to meet you and Bill in Dallas, Texas a few years ago and get my picture with you both. It is a memory that I will treasure forever.
Thank you for allowing Bill to be a man that impacted my life in so many wonderful ways.
I will miss Bill, but the recordings of those talks will be with me forever!
Lee McCoy

Posted by Lee McCoy - Bennington, NE - Downline IBO   February 05, 2013

Bill... we will miss you, but may your legacy go on in those you raised up to be the compassionate capitalists God intends us to be, in order to make a peoples and nations strong.

God bless your family,

Jim Jaber

Posted by Jim Jaber - Candler, NC - Friend   February 05, 2013






Dear Bill

I never got the opportunity to see you in person but I have been eternally impacted by the BWW system. You are a blessing to my life, to many generations and to the world. Your legacy lives forever

Love from

Posted by Evelyn - Toronto - Member and student of BWW   February 05, 2013

Hi bill,
we are so thankful to be part of BWW (the legacy you started). we promise to keep this continue and keep it growing. we will touch thousands of life and help the ppl who is willing to help them selfs. thank you thank you thank you...
we will miss you a lot...... you will be always in our heart. love you a lot...

Posted by Samarth & Shraddha Modi - jersey city, NJ - Extended Family   February 04, 2013


RIP Bill Britt, you thought me strength, determination....journey.

Posted by Veronica Diaz - Flushing, NY - Amway   February 03, 2013

I lost my father on September 2012. And I saw and heard Bill talk as it was my father. Bill changed my life, the system that he built, helped think and become a better person. He thought me that I won't be denied, No one will still my dream.
I will work harder or triple than any one else. sooner or later I will show up to make the difference.
Thanks Bill for all that you did for us.

We love you,
Noe & Alejandra

Posted by E. Noe Morales - Sterling, VA - IBO member   February 03, 2013


Posted by ela and chitra - india - a member in bww   February 03, 2013

Leave a condolence or a memory.

Posted by Joe and Norma Foglio - ElCajon, CA - Friends   February 02, 2013


No words can describe the pain madhuri & myself feel when we think about Bill going on to be with the lord...

I did MS in USA and that's when got to be in business with Bill & Peggy in Gala Org...

my biological father in former minister of State and sitting Member of Parliament from India. Having seen many leaders in that spectrum of life, I feel so blessed to have witnessed Bill & Peggy Britt's style of ethical, inspiring leadership...

we earned so many blessings in our lives using bill's teachings about wealth creation , manhood, father power, spoken words, builing a great nation and the world.. No one has taught this as powerfully as Bill Britt..

Peggy - We will miss such an unheard of man... my role model...

10 Rich & Jay, Bill & Peggy's in each country and the world peace would be a
done deal... Such a thing can't be said about any other person so far.... Bill Britt has touched so many lives through his inspiring leadership...

We hear him through cd's, videos regularly ... i have a collection from 1979 till
2011 Aug FED...

We - madhuri & myself regret not having met him but promise to follow his
teachings of unlimited ethical dreams by being F's CAM in the org....

Heartfelt feelings and concern for the person who is known as secret for Bill's
effectiveness and right living - Peggy - our role model...

Please take care peggy, the world needs you to share more about Bill Britt - as
and when you can....

Posted by Samir Dudhgaonkar - Mumbai - IBO Gala Org   February 02, 2013

Thank you Bill for changing my life for the better. Your dream has ignited the dreams of so many others including myself. I will never forget how you and Peggy opened your home to the Fairchild team that I am a part of. You just gave and gave with all of your heart. I pray that I can be a blessing to others as you have blessed me. Thank you Bill and Peggy!

Jess Tiffany
Minneapolis, MN

Posted by Jess Tiffany    February 02, 2013

Dear Triple Crown Ambassador Peggy
May the power of prayer of all Britt students brings you peace, strength, encouragement needed to recover well and seen.I am sure you will what Bill wanted you to do -rejoice your life with the legend.His teaching will be eternal in our lives

Posted by Sista Rao - bristow, VA - Student of BWW   February 02, 2013

Leave a condolence or a memory.

Posted by Sista Rao - bristow, VA - student of BWW   February 02, 2013

Dear Mahaguru,

We lost one of the legentary Leader and proud business personality in the histroy of the great business. You may not be in the earth now but you are blessing us from the heaven .Our tribute to you is that we follow the greatest BWW system and get success not only in our life but we translate to somany lives in this earth.

Posted by K hariharan & Aishwarya - Coimbatore, INDIA - Britt student   February 02, 2013


Mr. Britt's passing is like losing the dad/grand daddy we wished we all had. His "FatherPower " & advice to the men & women of this world whose lives he impacted will change present & future generations in a way no man has done before. The Shakespearan quote that resounds in my heart now is" His life was gentle & the elements so mixed in him, that Nature might stand up & say to all the world, THIS is a MAN".
Thank you Bill & Peggy for making us better husbands & wives, fathers, mothers, sons & daughters, living lives with dignity.
You legacy will span eons to come as the seeds have been sown far & wide. We are truly blessed to have lived in Bill's lifetime & seen him dance on stage even when he turned 80:)
God be with you Peggy in these days of rejoicing Bill's Life!
John & Meena

Posted by Prof. Meena Augustus Ph.D - Gaithersburg, MD - Britt Worldwide family   February 01, 2013

Our Mahaguru,
YOU gave Everything
to succeed with character
without asking,
But remember
for us.....
K.M.Ravichandran & K.Geetharani

Posted by K.M.Ravichandran & K.Geetharani - Neyveli,Tamilnadu,India - Britt family   February 01, 2013


we miss u.

Posted by Amutha Athiyappan - chennai   February 01, 2013

In my household Bill and Peggy Britt has always been almost mythical figures. I remember the impact they had on our family and where we would ultimately end up in life. It is almost scary to think what would have become of us if a couple like Bill and Peggy had not lived a life of service.

It is because of him and his teachings that I learned that I have the strength and power within me to work past any doubt and achieve success, that I am a strong and powerful person. A winner.

My most memorable moment was when I got to meet Bill and Peggy at their Jacksonville home. Their loving and open hearts welcomed us in as if we were longtime family. The entire day they helped us build our dream and reminded us that we have so much success coming to us.

The most special moment for me was when Bill took me aside for just a few moments and told me I had the ability to have what he has and more, that I was special and a child of god. He told me that life would try and make me feel insignificant, subtly, by stealing my dream and my time and letting others push me around. He reminded us all that day that we were strong and significant. He reminded us that if we fought back for our dreams, we could have whatever we wanted.

I'll never forget how that day ended. As we were the last to leave. Bill ran over to my parent's van and proceeded to open the door for my mom. He then checked the tires on the van and did a visual inspection, followed by heaping praise on my dad for an excellent choice and for taking care of his car and his family. I think that day defines Bill the best.

A gentleman.
A leader.
A servant.
A visionary.

Posted by Pulkit Sang - Charlotte, NC - Downline   February 01, 2013


Dear Peggy,
Out thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. May God give you strength to face this loss. We miss Bill tremendously! He was a powerful leader with unbelievable wisdom and vision. He impacted millions of lives and definitely touched ours! There will only be one "Bill Britt"!! May his soul rest in peace.
Samir and Dipti

Posted by Samir and Dipti Joshi - Eldersburg, MD - Business associate   February 01, 2013


Bill you are missed by us. Peggy you are in our thoughts and prayers. While we were sad to learn of Bill's passing we also know that he is celebrating in heaven right now. He truly exemplified being a "good and faithful servant". Your example and teachings have impacted us and our family tremendously. We know the best way to repay you is to build our business to carry on the legacy you left behind. AS you often said about the measure of success - our lives are truly better because you lived.

Posted by Harold and Lee Ann Webb - Dacula, GA - BWW Business associates   February 01, 2013


Dear Bill Britt, Thank you for showing us how to live a life of significance and producing acres of diamonds (leaders, inspiring, impacting lives positively around the world) and impacting other peoples life. I learned true meaning of success of our life from you. With the help of teaching from your CDs and BWW leaders, I am able to develop strong self-image. I also learned wisdom of father from you. We will miss you in every BWW associations. You are still living in our hearts.

Posted by Prakash & Rita Patel - Toronto, Ontario - Student of Bill Britt   February 01, 2013

We were so sad to hear of Bill's passing, but we know that he is in Heaven having a ball with Jesus! So thankful for Bill's impact on our personal lives and our spiritual lives! He truly lived out the definition of success because untold millions of people are better off because he lived. His vision, his leadership, and his wisdom will continue in the BWW team for many years to come. Peggy, we will keep you in our prayers in the coming days and weeks. May the Lord comfort you as only He can.

Posted by Jim and Monica Thomas - Braselton, GA - Business Associates   January 31, 2013

One of a kind, Original, Trendsetter, Super magnetic personality, Larger than life figure, a genius.....RIP Bill Britt

Posted by Mukesh & Meena Gupta - Hillsborough, NJ - Downline   January 31, 2013


Rest in peace, Bill, you served, shared, and poured your knowledge and time into the lives of millions. The ripples of your wisdom will continue to spread as your vision is fulfilled here on earth. Bless you, Peggy, we are praying for you and your family. Know that you are loved and being surrounded by hugs from around the world! Sending you our deepest sympathy. We will all miss him!

Posted by Angel and Robin Valdes - Holbrook, MD - Business associate   January 31, 2013

Bill Britt made a huge impact on not just my earthly life, but also my eternal life. I'm so greatful that he was a godly man willing to make a change. Bill would say there too many good men not willing to do something to make a change. Although I did not know him personally, I knew him through the tapes, and cd's. He was just as true in person at the functions as he was on tape and cd. Bill Britt will be greatly missed; however, he will live on through Peggy and this great system and organization he created.

James & Burshun Armour; Bell/Rodriguez Team

Posted by James and Burshun Armiur - Atlanta, GA - business   January 31, 2013


Peggy and family,
We are praying God will comfort you all in a way that only He can.
No words could ever come close to how special Bill was and how many
lives he has touched and will continue to impact as his legacy
continues. Heaven will truly never be the same with Bill there! He
has graduated to Glory! What a reunion it will be when we all meet
him there someday! We love you and hold you up in our daily
Chad and Chrissy Rhine

Posted by Chad and Christina Rhine - Mount Airy, MD - Friends and Business Associates   January 31, 2013

Our thoughts and prayers are with the Britt Family at this time of loss. Bill inspired each one of us to never stop dreaming and believing we could achieve anything, and to never quit. Thank you Bill, until we met again.

Posted by Bob & Rita Smith - Jefferson, MD - business associate   January 31, 2013


Dear Bill's family, if one should say to you that the soul perishes like the body, answer that the flower withers, but the seed remains.
Our deepest condolence.
Matthew 5:4 Blessed are those who mourn, for they shall be comforted.

Posted by Michael & Amanda Cannon - Holland, PA - Amway Business - Brazil and USA   January 31, 2013

Grateful for the Sunday Morning Service
led to the Lord by Britt

Posted by Jaime Keyes - Chula Vusta, CA - Brother in Christ   January 31, 2013


With full confidence in a glorious and joyful reunion ahead, we celebrate through our tears a remarkable man who chose to live out a remarkable life with no reservations. Bill was so real--so "heart on his sleeve"--so HUMAN...and gave us an example to follow of how humans, with all our flaws, can accomplish marvelous things with the help of God. Beloved sister Peggy, we know you are comforted in the assurance that the separation is only temporary. Know that you are surrounded by all our love, and the love of your "children" all over the world--Moe and Sharon

Posted by Moe and Sharon Ghassami - Ellicott City, MD - friends and business associates   January 31, 2013


My deepest condolences to Bill,Demmy god of Amway business.

Posted by A.ATHISUBRAMANIAN - Kovilpatti,Tamilnadu,India, OK - abo india   January 31, 2013

We are deeply shocked to hear the sudden demise of Mr Britt. Our deepest condolence to the bereaved family. May his soul rest in peace.

Ranjana and Dev Kumar Moktan
Darjeeling, India

Posted by Ranjana Yonzone and Dev Kumar Moktan - Darjeeling India - Amway Business owners   January 31, 2013

Bill's dreams reached son of former minister of state in India, sitting member of parliament's family too... what a dreamer Bill was!

We are frontline silver producers in Gala Teams Diamond Rastogi's org... Going CAM in 2016 Aug by applying Bill & Peggy Verbatim...

President of chamber of commerce in Maharashtra, India loved my passion of right living and empowerment- who unleashed MY originality for inspiring people? so President of chamber of commerce invited us on Govering Council of the chamber of commerce... WAS THIS POSSIBLE WITHOUT BILL'S TEACHINGS? OFCOURSE NO!!

Have a truly happy wife with a mastermind which i trust tacitly- who taught me to be a TRUE ABLE, CARING, SENSITIVE, PAMPERING man? Specially during times when even in India divorce rates have shot up...

Got mature 4 yr old daughter-got in 6th ranked school of India. Who taught how to earn god's grace n blessings?

My Dad became Member of Parliament in India. Who taught me how to do my part perfectly and faithfully in 2009 India Parliament elections?

It was republic day in India - who taught difference in republic and democracy and how to build a ethical, great nation?

Who taught about manhood through example and exceptional teachings?

Who taught about productivity for wealth creation and not being in debt to improve economy through buying what one can't afford?

Who taught love n concern for fellow man?

Bill Britt has taught this to madhuri & myself... As a tribute and Bill's desire to develop success course for colleges, BWW India through Corp Social Respo, madhuri - my efforts with govt of maharashtra has started process of teaching success-habits course to all students of maharashtra, soon to be a pan maharashtra and pan india effort. These are teachings verbatim what Bill & Peggy have taught along with other great BWW Leadership....

BWW came up with this course through Bill & Peggy's and rest of leadership's cd's.... Student loved it and the concluding session was on 20 jan 2013, past sunday.... Why will not the students love learning from finest enterpruners in Amway - BWW? Anyone in the right mind loves what Bill & Peggy Britt teach..

Peggy - We will miss such an unheard of man... my role model...

10 Rich & Jay, Bill & Peggy's in each country and the world peace would be a done deal... Such a thing can't be said about any other person so far....

We hear him through cd's, videos regularly ... i have a collection from 1979 till 2011 Aug FED... those are the only cd's and new rally stories i hear.... because we want to create influence like you both.... why mix up teachings... we listen only to you both....

We - madhuri & myself regret not having met him but promise to follow his teachings of unlimited ethical dreams by being F's CAM in 2016 Aug....

Heartfelt feelings and concern for the person who is known as secret for Bill's effectiveness and right living - Peggy - our role model...

Please take care peggy, the world needs you to share more about Bill Britt - as and when you can....

Posted by Samir Dudhgaonkar - Mumbai, India - Spiritual One-ness thro Dreams   January 31, 2013


Dear Bill,
You are a true leader.....who awaken minds.....Enlighten and empower......
Lead by example.....Unwrap talents and abilities.....Welcome mistakes as part of learning........Zest to make a difference.........

Even now..... you teach us "Nothing is so strong as gentleness. Nothing is so gentle as real strength"

We are following your footsteps & carry your legacy ..... & make a big impact on each & every person's life just as you say " how many people's lives are better off because you lived"

Prashan & Ishani
Impact Players of Vakil Diamondship
Part of Jyothiprakash 20/20

Posted by Prashan & Ishani - IL   January 31, 2013


No Words.........

Posted by Sumitpal Singh    January 31, 2013

Tribute to genuine leader.May his soul rest in peace.

Posted by Mahaboob Basha - coimbatore,TN,India   January 31, 2013


i always had an good friend of teaching and changing me the value & ethics of my life. all is done by Britt.i miss him a lot. but he always lives within me.

Posted by arun k l - erode, TN - my friend britt   January 31, 2013

We are in amway business till today because of Bill Britt. He created a wonderful system that empowers lot of people each and every day in a positive way. We thank him for creating an awesome environment and successful principles. We follow his words and create legacy for our family by helping lot of people around the globe. We pray for his soul be rest in peace.

Anand and Uma
Part of Ravi & Usha , Diva & Latha -Emeralds going Diamonds.(Aruna & Thilaka Team)

Posted by Anand and Uma - Brampton   January 31, 2013

My life is blessed because I am fortunate to have seen and heard Bill Britt in person from stage. Bill's teachings will continue to inspire us to be best in whatever we do. I pray for strength to Britt family. May God bless all.

Posted by D Jain - Chicago, IL - proud member of BWW family.   January 31, 2013


Thank you for your wisdom and your vision that you implanted in my life! Love, Dhairyan Singh and family!

Posted by Dhairyan Singh    January 31, 2013


Where you are many can only dream of!

Posted by Indera Singh    January 31, 2013

Have listened to lot of Bill Britt's CD and has seen him on stage one time. Have not seen or heard anyone more powerful then him. "Father Power" has changed my prospective. Will keep his Legacy going and keep helping more people

Posted by Mohit Bansal and Shefali Aggarwal - Houston, TX - Proud member of Bill Britt Famil   January 31, 2013

We came to US as immigrant students.

I was going through lot of ups and downs and was lost when I heard Bill for the first time in a conference. I just remember one thing from that conference "Winners never quit and Quitter never Win' and I made a decision to change my though process and in turn change my life...

Thanks to Bill for standing strong and sharing his strength which made someone like us successful. Bill's legacy will continue in this world though us...

Love you Bill & we miss you...

Kshitij, Charu & Aryan Lanjewar

Posted by Kshitij & Charu Lanjewar - San Diego, CA, CA - One thing I cannot define...   January 31, 2013


When I was young and my parent joined Amway under Charles and Lindy Currin, we went to a convention in Kansas City. I fell in love with Sammy Hall and his singing and met Bill and Peggy. We were from a small town in Florida and had lived in a small town in Texas so all the beautiful gowns and tuxedos were quite impressive to me. The most special moment of that weekend was being invited with Charles and Lindy to take a tour of Bill and Peggy's new bus. Now to an 8 year old you can imagine what I was thinking, I don't think I will ever get over the shock of walking up to the "bus" and then going up the steps and sinking into the carpet, sitting on the very edge of the couch. I thought WOW these must be rock stars. Bill and Peggy even though my parents didn't continue in Amway and I didn't follow the path, I have always kept up through Charles and now Lindy and the web. You were a wonderful human being and I hope you enjoy your home of gold and the wings you have earned by bringing so many people to the Lord. I do hope to see you both again some day and maybe you will even have a "new" bus to knock my socks off.

Posted by Larrissa Hubbard Douglas - Odessa, FL - Admirer   January 31, 2013

I truly believe that you are still alive still alive in the hearts of your fans and admirers. You truly taught us the biggest power the power of spoken word.

Posted by Lavlesh Sud & Ritu Sud - Farmington Hills, MI - Downline and a big fan   January 31, 2013

My husband & I share your loss, even as we rejoice for Bill. He truly fought the good fight, and permanently impacted our lives through his powerful example. I had the privilege to visit your home in Chapel Hill, and will forever treasure the time & words he shared with me there. May you experience God's comforting presence in a very special way as we all press on toward the goal! With love from the Fairchild team, Rachel Woltjer

Posted by Rachel Woltjer - Stillwater, MN - downline--Fairchild team   January 30, 2013

I named my Daughter after Bill because he saved my marriage and if it was not for him that Sunday Morning in Ft Worth where I gave my Life to Jesus Christ, I would not be married to the same woman now. And.... my 20 year old beautiful daughter BRITTany would not have been born.

Because of his words that morning, God blessed me with Brittany and another son (Jonathan). My wife and I are are under RIck and Toni Fairchild and we have not grown the business yet to a Diamond level but they have always been there for us like Bill has been for all of this IBOs. So blessed to be part of the team and having my daughter named after a Godly man.

His name will always be remembered in our family history. We all will see Bill in Heaven one day.
In His Name
Tommy Kramer

Posted by Tommy Kramer - Seoul Korea - IBO   January 30, 2013

I only know Bill from his reputation, the cd's he made for Amway and others who knew him personally. The stories about Bill are legendary. Bill has left behind a legacy for many of us to aspire to. It will endure for many generations to come. I know he has inspired me...and I am eternally grateful!

Posted by Bryan Power    January 30, 2013

I only knew him from afar, but always felt pride that I was technically 4th position downline from him. Bill was an inspirational speaker and an excellent teacher of not only the Away buidness, but building relationships with your associates and learning how to make lasting friends and income. I listened to many of his sermons on Sunday mornings and felt as if the Lord definately had his hand on him. Even though I ahve not been involved with Amway or Britt World Wide for many years now, I will miss him and remember the good times sitting and listening to his teaching.

Posted by Jason Little - Abilene, TX - Fellow IBO   January 30, 2013

Bill Britt Was my hero since I met him in 1991

Posted by Byron McPherson - Greensboro, NC - Downline IBO   January 30, 2013

Bill has done so much to help others and to help his country. He will be missed, but will also be with us always in our hearts.
Peggy may God Bless you and give you strenght and comfort.

Posted by John Hallin - Fairfax, VA - Friend   January 30, 2013


We will fill the Amway Center for Bill and Peggy!

Posted by Bryan Huynh & Jinny Trangluu - Orlando, Florida, FL - Bww Ajmani   January 30, 2013


Bil was a warrior, fighter and a soldier with powerful weapons. One of the weapon I like was power of spoken word. Freedom to speak future in present. Myself and my family are blessed to have mastered most of them to have our financial freedom.
He is gone, but never to be forgotten! His gentle yet strong presence will be missed.
May god bless the enlighted soul with love and respect.
Rasmit & erica.

Posted by Rasmit patel - houston, TX   January 30, 2013


Enjoy Heaven!

Posted by Jivani Singh    January 30, 2013

We will ever miss you sir as you will live in our hearts.

Posted by Nayan Patel - Ahmedabad - Business student   January 30, 2013


Dear Peggy and Britt family

We are honored to serve the Britt legacy and to be able to bless many lives around the globe. We have been impacted by your example of faith, leadership, and Christ-like attitude. I cannot express in these word how our lives have been impacted and transformed. God be all the glory because of your willingness to submit to His purpose and calling! We will miss Bill tremendously! He was a great man of God who stood up for what is right and never backed down!

Peggy, thank you for being a great example to all the women in BWW! I know the presence of our Lord Jesus Christ is with you. We are excited for Bill's victory and entering eternity in the loving arms of Jesus! Praise God! We love you Britt family!! We will continue to serve and carry on the BWW legacy.


Monty and Shantelle Balado
St. Cloud, FL
Upline Diamond Rick and Toni Fairchild

Posted by Monty and Shantelle Balado - St. Cloud, FL - IBO   January 30, 2013

To learn of Bill's passing via facebook was unexpected. Yet, I am thankful and thrilled to be able to recollect all my "Bill Britt" moments and memories. He is gone, but never to be forgotten! His gentle yet strong presence will be missed... Blessings and Peace to Miss Peggy, their family and all of BWW,

Remembering fondly,

Geryl E Hodge

Posted by Geryl E Hodge - St. Thomas, U.S. Virgin Isla - Original "Caribbean Connection"   January 30, 2013


Dear Bill,

Thanks for giving us an incredible BWW System. A new way of living life better.

We are missing you a lot. May your soul rest in PEACE forever...

Posted by Jharana Podh - New Delhi - IBO - Kakani Organization   January 30, 2013

To Peggy Britt, Bobby Britt and the Britt Family
The Eagle has Landed. BWW is the Wind Beneath Our Wings. We are truly grateful for the bessing of being a Britt Kid. We would have never been able to be in business for ourself without Bill's desire to see all men and women succeed. We will miss Bill and his teachings. Now that we look back, Bill is a lot like our dad, and Peggy is alot like our mom. We will forever love your memory for what you have done for so many. Praying for your strength.

Posted by Lucius and Glenda Harris - Charlotte, NC - BWW IBO Bell/Rodriguez Team   January 30, 2013


We celebrate Bill's life as an example of leadership through our entire life's, his impact and influence goes generations. We will carry his vision, emulate his passion for life , and will live a life of excellence.His life resembles excellence in any every endeavor , his teachings will carried through generations . Bill's life is truly a generational impact.

Thank you for what you built for us,
Sharath and shweta

Posted by Sharath and Shweta Thota - Chantilly, VA - BWW Team   January 30, 2013


Bil was a warrior, fighter and a soldier with powerful weapons. One of the weapon I like was power of spoken word. Freedom to speak future in present. Myself and my family are blessed to have mastered most of them to have our financial freedom.
May God bless the enlightened soul.
With love & respect,

Posted by jayendra patel - League city, TX - IBO   January 30, 2013

He was a giant in the true sense of the word. His zest for life, courage to follow his convictions, powered by a sense of mission is un-matchable. Here is the man 'who lived a life of no regrets'. A man we all aspire to be... Thanks Bill. You'r life is u'r message. You have been a shining beacon to humanity!! As long as humanity exists..your name will be uttered with pride.

Posted by Raj & Su Mocharla - Irving, TX - IBO Family   January 30, 2013

Dearest Bill,
You were/are/will be our hero to look upto and we shall follow in your footsteps.
Thank you so much for your invaluable teachings which we shall ensure to act on and pass it on for generations to come.

Venkat & Parimala Kanchi

Posted by Venkat Kanchi - Croydon, UK - BWW Family   January 30, 2013



Posted by Dr BABUL DAS - Agartala   January 30, 2013


No words to say about him. He was a great man who changed the thinking pattern of millions in the world and life of millions. Nobody in world has made this much for humanity. Salute to the great man. He has made all his team members very strong to take care of BWW. My condolence to Peggy Britt also.

Posted by Ganesh Crown - Tirupur, Tamilnadu, India - Downline   January 30, 2013


Posted by R Balaji - TIRUPUR,TAMILNADU,INDIA, TN - Bill Britt's student   January 30, 2013

Ain't as easy as it sounds,
Paint a memory, that still hounds,
Tears rolling down, and half a smile,
Rejoicing the moment, would take a while,
I deeply mourn the loss of a father,
The three powers is all I gather,
Have been blessed to see you, Bill Britt
A hundred diamonds a year, we will Britt.

Posted by Anish Balachandran - Fairfax, VA   January 30, 2013

Words cannot describe how much Bill Britt meant to us over the years. We are grateful to his teachings and life's lessons that have allowed us to be better human beings. He was truly a father figure to us and impacted not only us but our children and possibly generations to come. We take this occasion to celebrate Bill's life and pray that he is eternally happy in his new abode.

Aniruddha, Mausumi, Arpita and Apurva

Posted by Aniruddha and Mausumi Sarkar - San Jose, CA - Friend and Business Associate   January 30, 2013


Dear Bill, Thank you for giving us an incredible system for us and for those millions of people who really wants to be successful in their life. You have shown us live a life of freedom, full of integrity and choices. Thanks for a lot for what you have been. You changed millions of families in a very positive way in the world and we'll surely miss you. But you'll continue to live in all of us. May your soul rest in PEACE

Posted by Relu Chand Podh - New Delhi - IBO   January 30, 2013

God Bless Bill Britt... And thank you so much for giving me the opportunity to hear his message and see his example. Lord bless Peggy at this trying time and comfort her that Bill is with you in Heaven. Amen...
We will miss Bill.... We will keep his message going strong and fulfill his dream of 100 diamonds in one year! This Caravan is moving on, Thats it, PERIOD!

Posted by Shane Connell - Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada - IBO on Herosian Team   January 30, 2013


The Gladiator

Tributes have been offered, songs have been sung,
As you rest deep inside Mother Earth the work left over will be done.

From your cherished memories, Diamonds will arise,
From your hallowed teachings,will men be built,just in a trice!

Rest beloved gladiator, you have fought to the last
Its time we carried the flag of freedom for fear to the winds have been cast!!

Posted by Sriram and Raji - Coppell, TX - IBO family   January 30, 2013

Our family has been greatly impacted by your consistent teachings. We miss you. RIP Bill Britt.

Posted by Saravanan and Manjula - TX   January 30, 2013


"A coward dies every day and a brave person lives foreever". Bill you are a brave warrior because your courage, vision and teachings will always live in the hearts of millions and for generations to come. You are the true example of living a life of significance. You have set the wheel of life on residual impact - influencing the life of generations.

Posted by Anil and Mamta Kumar- TX    January 30, 2013

Thank you Bill. You reminded me how to dream again. May God keep and I believe He must be saying good work my son. Well done job.

Posted by Philp Onchiri - Bloomington, MN   January 30, 2013

Deep condolences to Peggy Britt. May his sole rest in peace. He is a true leader.

Posted by Chandra& Hema - Irving, TX - Bww   January 30, 2013


RIP Bill Britt

Posted by zafar - irving, TX - fan   January 30, 2013

Bill Britt the Grandpa of all the Y and Z generations. I dont have any words to say how they positively influenced us by the mere existence as a happy hearted and cheerful human beings. You will be in our thoughts always. We refuse to believe that he had passed away and strongly believe that still he is with us.
Murugan and Reka

Posted by Murugan Subbiah - Bryan, TX - Grandson & biz partners   January 30, 2013


Hi Respects to a Wonderful Mentor / Leader Mr.Bill Britt.

"To the living, I am gone.
To the sorrowful, I will never return.
But to the happy, I am at peace.
And to the faithful, I have never left.
I cannot be seen, but I can be heard.
So as you stand upon a shore, gazing at a beautiful sea, remember me..
Remember me in your heart, in your thoughts, and your memories of the times we loved, the memories of the times we shared.
For if you always think of me, I will have never gone."

Bill Britt....Rest in Peace!


Posted by Purnachandar Kuncham - Bangalore, PA - BWW Friend (Great Mentor/Mentee)   January 30, 2013

Peggy, My thoughts and prayers are with you.

Posted by Nancy C Stone - new bern, NC - Friend   January 30, 2013


Posted by Richa-Yogi Jodhpur India - JODHPUR, IN - BWW   January 29, 2013





You are making thousands of millinaire around the world, we are all under one umbrella that is amway i am VERY proud i am a britt student
we prey the god to bless you rest of your soul with peace

Posted by P.SHANMUGAM & A.S.MALARVIZHI - Erode. Tamilnadu,India - friend   January 29, 2013


For our Godfather Bill Britt,
We are missing you very much.Your teachings is our life path.
We are always with Peggy Britt.Your soul may rest in peace.

Forever with your memories,
Emerald Directs

Posted by Somu&Dhamayanthi - Erode/India   January 29, 2013

Dear Peggy,

Bill Britt was instrumental in completely changing my life -- he gave the message and alter call when I (Joe) responded and accepted Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior. That moment now defines us as a person and has also impacted our family and other people around us. A few conferences later my wife, Anne, accepted Christ into her heart as well when Bill spoke. Both of our sons who are now 19 and 11, accepted Christ when they were 7 and 8.

We're saddened that he is no longer on earth, but we rejoice knowing that he is with Jesus now and that one day we will see him again, in heaven.

Our prayer for you is for the Lord to embrace you and for His peace and love to fill you.

Sincerely in Christ,
Joe and Anne Lai
IBOs and brother and sister in Christ

Posted by Joe and Anne Lai - Metuchen, NJ   January 29, 2013


very sorry we missed you,
thank you for everything that you have done for us,
we follow your success principles,
may your soul rest in peace.

R. sundaresan, IBO
india, tamilnadu, madurai

Posted by sundaresan    January 29, 2013


We salute you, Bill !!!

You'll be there in everyones heart.

RIP, Bill.

Posted by Savitri & Narendra Panwar - Amway IBO   January 29, 2013

Thank you.

Posted by Debashish and Smita - Campbell, CA - Friend   January 29, 2013


We all miss your Mr. Britt. May your soul rest in peace.B

Posted by RAJIB GUPTA - HOJAI - Amway I.B.O.   January 29, 2013

Thank you for showing me how to access the power and authority in my life.
Love & deep respect Bill.

Posted by Anirban - BWW family   January 29, 2013

Dear Mr.Bill.,

Your Life was an great example for us . We have learned so many good things through BWW system . You have given us the vision and courage . We never get a chance to see you , but we heard so many teaching through your CD's . All the IBO 's in Britt system missed you.
May soul rest in peace.

Balamurugan & Aruljothi

Mr & Mrs. Radhica Manien Team
Emeralds - Chennai

Posted by Ranganathan Balamurugan - Saligramam, Chennai -93 - Britt Student   January 29, 2013


Thank you Bill! Your life has been a great example for millions around the world including ours. Thank you!

Posted by Pradeep & Prasanthi Kothamachu - PHOENIX, AZ   January 29, 2013

Dear Bill, Thank you so much for changing my life & many millions around the world. The impact you have on our life, no one has it. Your system has changed our life completely for better. We will definitely miss you. You will always be in our heart & mind. We know you are in better place. We Love you always.

Posted by Hitesh & Nidhi Pandya - San Jose, CA - Britt Students   January 29, 2013

Dear Bill,

Thank you for being a beacon of light, an angel sent from above, for millions of people around the world.
Thank you for proving that one man can make ALL the difference if he has the vision to do so and for showing that he can impact generations of people around the world in a positive way.
Thank you for standing up for the right principles and values and not afraid to speak the truth out loud for others to hear.

My life is better of because you lived, Bill and I Thank YOU for that, Bill. RIP!!

Until we meet again...

Britt Warrior!!

Posted by Jignesh Naik - San Jose, CA   January 29, 2013


we missed

Posted by Rameshkumar&Jeyanthini Nagaiah - MONTREAL - student   January 29, 2013


Dear Bill,
Thank you for everything that you have done for us. You have shown us a way to live a life of freedom, integrity and choices. You empowered with confidence and great values. I never saw you personally not even from distance but always admired your teachings.

May his soul rest in peace.

your Studdent
Founder's Emerald Mr.T.V.Achuthanarayan Team,
Chennai, Tamilnadu, India.
+91 9841406367

Posted by Saridha & Rajamohan - Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India   January 29, 2013


We salute our beloved "Demi God" Mr.Bill Britt for changing many lives across the Globe. We are one among them. We will be a Successful "Diamond" in BWW System and creat lot of Diamonds. We spread his message and change many lives and make our Country India and the World a better place to live.

We pray almighty to give all strenght and courage to Mrs.Peggy Britt to bear his loss.

May his soul rest in peace.

With Profound grief
Founder's Emerald Mr.T.V.Achuthanarayan Team,
Chennai, Tamilnadu, India.
+91 97909 30591

Posted by PRIYA SUNDAR & S.SUNDARARAJAN - Chennai, Tamilnadu, India - BWW Students from India   January 29, 2013

We will miss Bill very much and want to say that we appreciate mentorship and the inspiration he gave us as Amway Independent Business Owners. Thank you changed our lives forever.

Posted by Jared Michira Momanyi - Minneapolis, MN - Bill's Amway child   January 29, 2013

You shined brightly in this world while you were here, and you have given many others a reason to shine and live to the fullest. We are one of them.
And we will thank you by going diamond.

Posted by Albin and anu    January 29, 2013

freedom is not free; its not the size of the dog in the fight, but the size of the fight in the dog;speak what isn't as if it were, etc. etc. etc.....Bill Britt, thank you for the leadership, ....well done good and faithful prayers are to continue to uplift the Britt family. God Bless you and your family .dp

Posted by Dominick Pilli - fairfax, VA - downline   January 29, 2013

God's Blessings to you Mrs. Peggy Britt. Your husband touched alot of people directly and indirectly. A foundation of God, Family and the Business became one of your husband's signatures in the Business!

God Bless in Jesus Name!

Posted by Michael and Brenda Barland - Baltimore, MD - Business   January 29, 2013

Bill was genuine, loving, and kind to myself and my son. He truly loved the Lord, and he sought to help as many people as he could. He will be greatly missed.

Posted by Dot Roberts - Jacksonville, FL - Friend   January 29, 2013

I only knew Bill for a short time. He was a friend, and he will be greatly missed. May he find rest in the arms of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Posted by Ricky Roberts - Jacksonville, FL - Friend and minister   January 29, 2013

My heart felt condolence and may GOD be your comforter, in hard trying time.


Posted by Klaas Reimer    January 29, 2013

Our deepest sympathy goes out to Peggy, Bobby, Jean and the rest of the Britt family. We hold many memories dear.

Posted by Dennis and Liz Detweiler - Fort Worth, TX - friends   January 29, 2013

Thank God we all have great memories with him. It's a blessing that each one of our paths crossed with Bill and we all got greatly impacted for generations to come. Thank you BILL BRITT!! You've lived your own message that one person with a vision can change generations around the globe. You will always live in our hearts and minds.

Posted by Anup & Preeti Sodhani - Boston, MA - Student of Bill Britt   January 29, 2013


It was an honor and privileged to hear you from BWW stage last year in Richmond. I only wish you stayed long enough to raise my hand at the BWW stage when I go Diamond. GOD BLESS you and YOUR family. You will surely be missed by all the IBOS all over the world :(

Posted by Naveed Zafar - Woodbridge, VA - Mentor   January 29, 2013

Words can not describe the impact that Bill has done to my Life & millions of others. Thank you for being World Changers and for showing us how to genuinely serve & love others. Your legacy will continue on 100 Diamonds in one year!

Posted by Melbert Sebastian - Winnipeg, Manitoba - Mentor   January 29, 2013


Posted by SAMY ARAFA - San Jose, CA - friend   January 29, 2013


Thank You BIll for everything you did and the message you spread. You are by far the most influential person we have come across. You will always be in our memories motivating us and helping us achieve our goals and your teachings will keep inspiring us to change others life for the better.

We will make your vision of 100 Diamonds a year come true.

Till we meet.....

Posted by Niranj & Pooja Shenoy - Centreville, VA - Britt Students   January 28, 2013


Posted by Terrence & juliet - LONDON UK - BRITT STUDENT   January 28, 2013


We will miss you dearly. Words cannot describe the incredible impact you have made on our life, our marriage and our thought process with your teachings and the principles you taught and lived by. We are your legacy and it will live on through us and for generations to come as we stay in the pursuit of excellence.

Your leadership and mentorship has made a difference in so many lives and we are so thankful for you and Peggy with what you have done to make this world a better place and the BWW system that you set up. We will continue to share the dream and vision with passion! Our prayers are with Peggy!

Nili and Jignesh Naik

Posted by Nili Naik - San Jose, CA - Student IBO   January 28, 2013


The Mention of the Name Bill Britt, itself Creates postive energy in the Hearts of the Millions of People and the impact that creates when we hear his voice or being in his vicinity cannot be put in words.
A True Leader , instrumental in bringing people across the world, from different religions, walks of life, cultures, thought processes on a single platform called the Britt World Wide. Helped many people to become successful, Teaching pricples which are godly , agreement with all faiths & religions, with Human values and creating Ambassadors ( Diamonds) to Light lives of millions people who are struggling in darkness of Ignorance.
Had created a System in such a way with valuable princples which can be carried to the future generations, in the way he same way he taught and wanted them to be taught.

Ibow before him for the impact he created & is Creating in My life and all others that are with around me

Dear Peggy,
I pray god that to gives you the Strength in this toughest time.
you have been with him supporting, him in creating an Huge impact in Lives Millions of People

Posted by Jagannadth - Hyderabad, India   January 28, 2013

Words fall short to talk about the positive impact you have made to mine and millions of people's lives around the world and the legacy that will continue. You are like a Father Figure to me. I am honored to have learned many great lessons of life through your teachings and will pass to many others as I live them. May God Bless your soul with the highest honor. Our prayers are with Peggy and rest of the family. Thank you for living larger than life and providing great example to follow in my life.

Posted by Amish Shah, Upline: Neeraj Jajodia, Diamond: Srinivas Vemu - Chicago, IL - Amway IBO with BWW system.   January 28, 2013

I am sorry to hear of the passing of Bill Britt. Bill was a positive influence on my life during the roughly six years that i was an active Amway distributor and ultimately a Direct Distributor (Platinum) in 1994-95. I was always amazed and uplifted by witnessing all the people who were brought to Christ during the conventions he hosted. Bill's lessons and teachings on being self sufficient and not dependent on a job directly encouraged me to leave a law firm where I was employed for 10 years and co-found my own firm, which is now celbrating its 20th year. Thank you Bill. God bless you and please God, bless his family.

Posted by Sheldon S. Saints - Wilmington, DE   January 28, 2013


Dear Bill,

We will always remember the lessons you taught us, the strength you showed us, and the gifts you have given us to make our lives a vehicle to help others achieve what you believe in: FREEDOM! Like all children, we stubbornly don't want you or Peggy to ever leave us but you earned your reward and the highest respect we can give you is to carry you message forward to touch at least as many people as you have in your glorious lifetime. You will be missed dearly and your touch we swear will remain in our hearts and minds forever! God bless you Bill Britt and thank you!!!

Bjorn and Katie Schievers
Cali: Upline Emerald: Allan and Jenny Figeuredo

Posted by Bjorn and Katie Schievers - Santa Clara, CA - proud "children" of Bill Britt   January 28, 2013

Thank You Bill for the way you lived your life, and not only inspired my Wife and I, but millions around the world.

Posted by Trevor Just - San Jose, CA - IBO   January 28, 2013

Thanks Bill for everthing! God Bless!!

Posted by LaVanel Lawson - Fredericksburg, VA - in his group   January 28, 2013

Bill your life is a message. You will always be in our heart and blood. Your teachings will not go wasted.thank you for setting up best university and system on earth.

Posted by Swapnil S Andhare - Fremont, CA - IBO   January 28, 2013

Thank you for being a winner.

Posted by Dumitru Popovici    January 28, 2013


On January 23, The Amway family lost their Lider, a powerful businessman, a man with vision, and a mentor to many worldwide. We lost our dearest 'uncle Bill' --you will live in our hearts forever. RIP Bill Britt

Posted by Benjamin & Brandon Britt ( The Twins ) - Orlando, FL - Nephews   January 28, 2013

Edward loved Bill. He worked with him on security and croed control at the functions. We had a wonderful time with Bill and Peggy. We remember great times in the suites, especially the Washington Hilton, my favorite. Then , of coursse, there was Seven Springs ,so many good times.
My favorite time though was our time at Disneyland where we wandered about with Ann Duke, Joe Hall, Juan Rivera and Bill and Peggy. We went several times and the best part was our special times with Bill and Peggy. Peggy was always a real lady and I loved her as much as Ed loved Bill. Although we have not been activce in the business for almost 15 years, we never forgot. You may know Edward died March 18, 2012...Peggy, it is difficult to be a widow but I will continue to pray for you that God would console you and your family and friendds.
Much love and many prayers.
.Lovingly, Kathy Hicks

Posted by Kathleen Hicks (Kathy) - Olney, MD - friend   January 28, 2013


Dear Bill,

We will forever miss you. Thank you for all the lives you have touched. Your CDS, talks from all the functions we been to helped us to be a better human being and insipred us to make our dreams come true. We will carry your legacy and pass on to the generations to come.


Our prayers are with you, stay strong and thanks for all the wisdom you provided us.

Posted by Yousof and Shoma Alam - Mount Arlington, NJ - Thomas-Panth-Gala-BWW Team   January 28, 2013

We have lost a great leader, but Britt system creats all seconds a leader.That's great of Mr .britt.

Posted by J.Anandakumar - Chennai, IN - student of BWW   January 28, 2013

We have lost a great leader, but Britt system creats all seconds a leader.That's great of Mr .britt.

Posted by J.Anandakumar - Chennaip, IN - student of BWW   January 28, 2013

Thank you Bill for everything you have done for us. Words cannot begin to describe the impact you have had on our family & me personally. May the Lord give strength to your family during this difficult time. We promise you Bill that we will be a part of your "100 Diamonds" vision & thanks for your blessings. Gone but not forgotten...

Posted by Bharadwaj Rajan - Tucson, AZ - Mentor & Life coach   January 28, 2013

You will always remain in our lives.We cannot describe what you have done to impact our lives. We are grateful to be part of your phenomenal team and would take pride to uphold the philosophy you brought through the wonderful system.

Posted by Allen & hyacinth Nash - Mumbai - Team player   January 28, 2013


We missed you, Bill, But Your in Our Hearts. Thanks for your

Great Leadership Around The World. We Pray For You Mr. Bill and May Your Soul Rest In Peace. " We promise to Bring Your Dreams True.
Our Prayers are with Peggy and rest of the Britt Family.

Posted by Narmada Guduru - Glenburnie, MD - Diamond Team Harish & Hira   January 28, 2013

My deepest condolences to Peggy Britt and the entire Britt Worldwide family. Thank you, Bill &Peggy Britt, for all you do.

Posted by Adriana Baciu - Bucurest - Romania   January 28, 2013



Posted by BALA & MUTHU SELVI - coimbatore - follower   January 28, 2013

You and others have said that true success is not money but in how many peoples lives are better off because you lived. Your life has helped tens of thousands if not hundred thousands around the world live a better life and be a better person. Thank you Bill. I am one of the lives you have touched.

Posted by Donald Kidd - Asheville, NC - Member of Britt Worldwide   January 28, 2013


Bill Britt is a man I have always admired. He was a great leader and tremendous Christian man. Our best wishes to Peggy and his family.

Alan & Robin Kirby

Posted by Alan & Robin Kirby - Burlington, NC - Former Employee   January 28, 2013

I am truly a better person because of the information I received from him in my 20's. I wish his family the best of love as they grieve of their lost as he transition his life to eternity.

Posted by Sandra - Charlotte, NC - Amway distributor   January 28, 2013

Bill, the gap you have left will never be filled. The only promise we can give you is that we will continue your Legacy and follow the teachings in a true sense rather than just words. We have a full Faith that you are in heaven. Our prayers with Peggy!!! Amen.

Posted by Pawan and Sophronia - Winnipeg   January 28, 2013


Thank you, Bill, for teaching us about the principles of success, "the secret", and our three powers. We will celebrate your life, your vision and your legacy by continuing to empower others around the world as servant leaders. May you rest in peace with our Heavenly Father. Our prayers are with Peggy and the rest of the Britt family during this time.
With love and gratitude,
Joel and Emy Rodriguez
BWW-Gala-Kumar-Ohri IBOs

Posted by Joel and Emy Rodriguez - Elmsford, NY - IBO - Gala-Kumar-Ohri   January 28, 2013


We are truly, truly missed you, Bill Britt. Your memories and wisdoms are going to be eternity for all of us and generations to come.
Thanks for your great leadership around the world. Just to say you made a tremendous impact in our life!!!!
May Bill rests in peace in God's hands and may God gives strengths to Peggy to overcome.
Rahul n Priti Juthani
Great students of BWW
From Toronto, Canada.

Posted by Rahul and Priti Juthani - Toronto, Canada - Great students of BWW   January 28, 2013

Though the physical presence of Mr Bill Britt is missed, his thoughts and teachings will remain with us forever. Thank you for the impact created our personal life and improving the lives of millions, and millions more in the future.

Our thoughts and prayers will always with Peggy.

Baskar and Jaya from India (Pondicherry)

Posted by BASKAR AND JAYAlakshmi - PONDICHERRY, INDIA   January 28, 2013


Dear Bill,

We will miss you dearly. Words cannot describe the incredible impact you have made on our life, our marriage and our thought process with your teachings and the principles you taught and lived by. We are your legacy and it will live on through us and for our generations to come as we stay in the pursuit of excellence.

Your leadership and mentorship has made a difference in so many lives and we are so thankful for you and Peggy with what you have done to make this world a better place and the BWW system that you set up. We will continue to share the dream and vision with passion and along with the team, 100 Diamonds a year will happen.

Posted by Sumeet and Sonica Vij - Centreville, VA - BWW student   January 28, 2013


Thank you Mr. Britt for teaching me so much about how to live.
I know I'll shake your hand again one day.
Andrea Mazur

Posted by Andrea Mazur    January 28, 2013


Dear peggy Mr.Bill gives excellent personality through his life.May his soul be rest in peace

Posted by Rajagopal - palani ,tn ,india - amway family   January 28, 2013

We celebrate the Legacy of Bill Britt. We are blessed to be a part of his vision. "Well done good and faithfull servant".

Posted by IRUNGU THUKU - ANNANDALE, VA - BWW STUDENT   January 28, 2013

Dear peggy

Mr.Bill has given a true life for my family. We are very much thankful for you and Mr.Britt.

Posted by akila & anandakumaran - coimbatore,tn,india - amway family   January 28, 2013


Bill, May your Soul Rest In Peace!
Your System and your teaching have changed positively our lives.
The System 7-8-3-1 and the 3Powers will help us to fulfill our Dreams

Romulus from BWW- ARNET Romania

Posted by Romulus Cheveresan - Buchaerst, Romania - IBO from Bucharest   January 28, 2013


Bill Britt touched Millions of lives in so many Positive ways.
Britt you have left an incredible legacy behind.
We miss you, but you are in our hearts forever.

Dear Peggy,
Our deepest Condolences to you and your family. Our prayers are with you.

Rest in Peace.. Britt, in the Garden of the Heaven.

Posted by A.Mohanasundaram & Sudha - Tirupur, coimbatore.Tamilnad - Distributer   January 28, 2013

Thanks Bill for everything you did, your legacy will continue and we will be Britt Diamonds it is a promise

We will all miss you

Posted by Bhupen Snehal Sushil Tanvi - Annandale, VA - Business Associates   January 28, 2013

Thank you Bill and Peggy for enriching our lives and helping us to mature as Christians. A special thanks for the blessing of Kay being able to play the baby grand piano along with Bill on his Klavichord at your Ponte Vedra home. We were so blessed to visit your home at Ponte Vedra as well as your yacht and many thanks to Rick & Toni Fairchild for arranging that time together. You are forever a major part of our lives.

Posted by Jim & Kay Walters - Orlando, FL - underwood-britt group   January 28, 2013


Dear Bill,
We celebrate your life and the impact you made in millions of lives. We are blessed to be in the Britt System which guides our lives and our future generations. Your legacy of wisdom, principles and values will live on forever. Thank you.

Posted by KP, Prabha and Pritika Ramesh    January 28, 2013


Even though your physical presence will be missed your thoughts and teachings will remain with us forever. Thank you for touching and improving the lives of millions, and millions more in the future.

Our thoughts and prayers are with Peggy.

Deepak & Dipti Parikh

Posted by Deepak Parikh    January 28, 2013


show us the way to live positive and help other people to love and live positively .

amita shah ashish shah

Posted by AMITA SHAH - mumbai-india - bww ibo   January 28, 2013

Bill Britt touched Millions of lives in so many Positive ways.
Britt you have left an incredible legacy behind.
We miss you, but you are in our hearts forever.

Dear Peggy,
Our deepest Condolences to you and your family. Our prayers are with you.

Rest in Peace.. Britt, in the Garden of the Heaven.

Posted by Balaji.Cr & Indumathi.N - Platinums, Salem, India - Diamond Alagesan & Vijaya Team   January 28, 2013

Our thoughts and prayers and with Peggy, the Britt Family, the BWW Diamonds today as Bill is laid to rest today. His impact here on earth is immeasurable and the principles he stood on and taught us will be honored as we move forward in our lives. Thank you Lord for blessing our lives and allowing us to know and learn from Bill.

Posted by Jim & April Bean - Manassas, VA - BWW Team   January 28, 2013


Dear Bill.,
What a blessed life you have lived! You were a true angel of the lord sent into our lives !
We are proud and privileged to be a part of your illustrious legacy you have bestowed on us.
May we carry on your dream and vision to posterity as crown ambassadors ! of your glory and purpose.!
You are enshrined in our hearts for ever as a friend, master-mentor, leader-lamplighter by being an example and role model.
We will achieve and accomplish your vision with your blessings-empowerment!
we are your glorious legacy

Posted by HARISH PANTH-Hira Panth-amruta panth - Lorton, VA - BWW-Student-Protege   January 28, 2013

Thank you Bill for all that you given for our better life. We may miss your heroism in stage but you are always going to be with us by your life changing teachings.

Posted by Kanesh & Kiruba - Toronto - IBO   January 28, 2013


Many of us have read stories of great leaders and today it hit me that we had a chance to live along side another Mahatma - Bill Britt and learn from him. His story of leadership and fight for free enterprise are something we can tell our grandchildren and great grandchildren about. A great Celebration. Thank you Bill and Peggy Britt.

Posted by Shaku Miriyala - Chiago, IL - IBO   January 28, 2013

Leave a condolence or a memory.

Posted by Roger & Lidiz Perez - Bronx, NY - IBO   January 28, 2013

Bill finished his work here and returned to his lord.we should finish his goal 100 diamonds every year.

Posted by Gem Palanisamy - Erode - Mentor   January 28, 2013


Bill ,thank you for touching our Lives.Our lives got completlely changed positively by the system you taught us.i can't thank u enough for transforming us into good human beings.We promise you to believe in our dreams and be one of your britt diamonds.We love you

Posted by Sukumar & Priya - Singapore Gala team   January 28, 2013


May his soul rest in peace...

Posted by Jayakumar L - chennai - guru   January 28, 2013




My deepest simpathies to the Britt family. You all are in our prayers. We will never forget Bill Britt as he will live in our hearts forever.

Posted by Indrani Das - Old Bri, NJ - Amway IBO Gala organization   January 28, 2013






Posted by AMULRAJ AND REENA - CHENNAI,INDIA - amway India   January 28, 2013

Bill was my Leader, Rich Dad, Lamplighter, and a Mentor. He never been in Congo, Africa, but he has touched and changed lives of many people he never met down here. R.I.P !

Posted by Ngimbi Charles Kuvuna - Kinshasa, DRC, Africa - BWW IBO   January 28, 2013



Posted by Ruban F - Rainbow Nagar, PONDICHERRY,    January 28, 2013

Dear Bill, Thank you for everything that you have done for us. You have shown us a way to live a life of freedom, integrity and choices. You empowered with confidence and great values. I never saw you personally not even from distance but always admired your teachings.
RIP Bill

Posted by Ashish Shahu - San Jose, CA   January 28, 2013

Dear Bill,

We feel proud of you and we thank you for providing us with an excellent system, BWW. We will do whatever it takes to spread your message of love and helping people bring out the best from them.

Thank you very much.

Posted by Kandeeban Revathi - Coimbatore, India - BWW Student   January 28, 2013

Dear Bill,

Thank you for creating the wonderful system Britt World Wide. You live in our hearts always. We miss you a lot. For sure, we are a part of your dream, creating 100 diamonds a year.

Posted by Dharuman Vanitha - Ooty - BWW Student   January 28, 2013


Thank you so much for your teachings Bill. We will definitely make you proud by going DIAMOND and breaking DIAMONDS in our team. We love you and our prayers are with Peggy Britt.

Posted by Ramya Yanamadala - Fremont, CA - Student of BWW   January 28, 2013


Dear Bill,
we love you and we will make you proud by moving on to Diamond and CAM and By helping so many people to succeed.

We pray to GOD to give strength to Peggy.

Posted by Ashok and Rupal Jadeja - Lake Orion, MI - student of Bill and Peggy Britt   January 28, 2013


We are blessed to have you as our Great Mentor, you will be living in our heart for ever. We will follow our path for success and no words to express our thanks for your teaching.

Posted by HariPrasad Jothi - Chennai/Tamil Nadu/India - My Mentor, My Hero   January 28, 2013

Thank you so much for defining and showing the meaning of true success.
Thanks for always guiding and leading millions and millions in achieving their dreams and goals.
Thank you.

Posted by Sudhir Sadanala    January 28, 2013

What an outstanding leader Bill was! We will be part of your vision of 100 Diamonds/year. Thanks a ton for all your incredilbe teachings - legacy will live forever! Love - Raju & Nisha

Posted by Raju & Nisha - San Diego, CA   January 28, 2013

Dear Peggy, thank you so much fir you and Bill csme to my life. We are really thankful to have a montor who change our life and millions around the world. We going to carry the touch that Bill left with us. We will pray God to give the strength to Peggy. Thank you. Bill

Posted by Suthan Arumugam - toronto, OH - Business friend   January 28, 2013


We deeply regret, the sudden demise of our beloved awesome mentor, Double Crown Ambassador Sir William Bill Britt who gave new meaning for success. "Success is not defined by how much money you have, but how many people are better off, because you live" By Emeralds T.P.M.Umasankar U.Alagumeena

Posted by TPM UMASANKAR - TUTICORIN   January 28, 2013

Thanks a lot for what you have been.. You can changed millions of families life in a very positive way. Our family is one among the million. Thank you so much. Words cannot tell how much we miss you. We will carry you legacy with us.
RIP Bill..

Posted by Nirmal Paramasivam - Chennai, India, IN - Downline   January 28, 2013

We thank you for what you stood for,the lives you've changed,the way you changed the world and we'll surely miss you.But you'll continue to live in all of us.May your soul rest in peace.

Posted by ABHILASH & DEEPA - Salisbury, MD - Business Associate   January 28, 2013


Dear Bill,
May your soul rest in peace. We missed you. Your teachings have changed our lives. We will take the torch of the legacy you left and impact this world through your teachings. We will be founder crown ambassador in Britt Team. Your CDs : father power, The why, It takes guts to succeed and many more has made the difference in our lives and hearts. Three powers you taught has impacted us and our family positively. We really missed you. The day I heard you left this world, I had literally tears in my eyes and now while I am writing this barely holding my tears and writing this message.

Posted by Yogendra Rita chapagain - Cupertino, CA   January 28, 2013


You have touched our lives. You told us that we also can get out of the rut of mediocrity. This is our promise to follow your footsteps and let your message stay alive throughout our life.

You'll live in our hearts permanently. Long live your dream.

Saikat and Piyali

Posted by Saikat Maitra - Edison, NJ - Follower   January 28, 2013

Will miss you! Thank you for your inspiration and your talk on father power! RIP Papa Bill!

Posted by Ankit Mehta - Cypress, CA   January 28, 2013

We'll definitely miss Bill Britt in his living existence as because he had left all of us for his Heavenly aboard on 23rd Jan'13. But his DREAMS, his MISSION will never die, that will be carried on by millions of Britt Soldiers like us throghout the world who are living a better life and making this world a better place to live because of the teachings that they're getting through the incredible BWW SYSTEM created by him. May God give Peggy all the strength at this critical juncture of her life so that she can sustain this unbearable loss!

Posted by Subhasis & Sujata Ghosh, Kolkata, India - Kolkata - Britt IBO, EDC from India   January 28, 2013


Dear Bill,
You had been an inspiration in hundreds of thousands peoples lives. Even though you have chosen to join the holy father, your teachings will be immortal forever. We worship the teachings of your life!

Posted by Rathakrishnan Kandiah - Brampton, Ontario, Canada   January 28, 2013

I was very saddened to hear of the passing of Bill Britt. Bill was aRman,larger than life. Bill was a rarity, the kind of person that when you met him you knew you would not meet anyone else like him ever again. He was a man of enormous faith whose love for God was so very strong. The world was a better place because of Bill Britt. He had such a love for people and such a desire to help everyone. He will be missed by thousands of people throughout the world. My heart goes out to his wife Peggy, the rest of his family and all the people all over the world who have lost a wonderful friend and mentor.

Posted by Pamela Grace Anderson - Aiea, HI - acquaintance   January 28, 2013

Mr. Bill Britt and Peggy,
Thank you Lord, thank you for Bill
Bill was an eye opener, he opened our lives to life as it
should be both material and spiritual. Because of him i can the true life .I had a chance to speak to him for a minute couple years ago.I still remember that day.
Thank you Bill for the huge impact all over the world .you will be always us .We love you Bill.

Posted by Mohammad jasim - toronto - IBO   January 28, 2013


Bill Britt. The MAN. Leaders of all the leaders. You truly proved one person with true love for people can change so many lives in positive way. We are missing you but we know you will remain with us in our memory, in our sweet Dream. We will never forget those days which we shared together in the Cruise. We feel like we lost our father one more time. As long as Sun and Moon will rise on the sky your name will be with us. We Respect you, we Love you !!!

Posted by Tushar and Debjani Chakraborty - OldBridge, NJ - BWW student   January 28, 2013



You and Bill were wonderful influences on Kim, Karen and I when we were young. Your positive outlook influenced the way we treat our lives now. We are eternally grateful for the impact you had on our lives and Mom and Dad's. You both will always hold a special place in our hearts!

May God hold you close at this time.

Katrina (Smith)
Middle daughter of Faison and Linda Smith

Posted by Katrina Muirhead (Smith) - Cary, NC - Friend   January 28, 2013

Dear Peggy,
We want to thank you and Bill for all the sacrifices you both have done, Bill has been a great influence in our lives; no one can fill his shoes but all we can do is follow his footsteps. Through his teachings our values are strengthened which will help us pass down to our kids.
He never was scared to speak about the objective truth.
Everytime we think about him our faith in God gets stronger and the words he made us speak everytime that we will not be denied ring in our minds. We will miss him tremendously. We pray that God gives you the courage and strength to bear the loss.

Posted by Romias & Zita Pereira - Totowa, NJ - BWW - IBO   January 28, 2013

Bill was a true friend and a great mentor. I valued every minute I got to spend with him. He used to call every now and then just to talk. I miss those times already! He really influenced my life in so may positive ways! I will miss him greatly!

Posted by Dewey Tobias - Orange City, FL - Friend   January 28, 2013







Dear Bill
We thank you for impacting our lives. Your father power has blessed us and countless others for generations to come.
Thank you for teaching the word and clarifying the messages.
We are forever indebted.....

Our love and prayers are with you.
Mathew and Lily Thomas

Posted by Mathew and Lily Thomas - St. James, NY - IBO Gala Team   January 28, 2013

A true hero and inspired millions of ppl across the globe and I learnt and understood the power of spoken word

Posted by Neel - Toronto   January 28, 2013


Dear Peggy,
We would like you to know that Bill Britt has impacted our lives, more than even what we can say. We thank God for the opportunity of knowing a person such as Bill Britt, who has brought us closer to God. For that we are eternally greatful. Thank you for the spoken word that was taught to us. We want our lives to make a difference to other, for the better. We are sure, that we are better off, because Bill and Peggy lived.

Thank you.

Sunil & Rani

Posted by Sunil & Rani Thomas - Iselin, NJ - IBO   January 28, 2013

It was always great spending some time with BWW and Bill Britt. I will never forget the wisdom I learned from Bill Britt, that never quit, never give up, and overcome to become. If someone dont like it have them watch you succeed, because winner always win, and we cannot help quiter quit quiting. We will overcome and always keep the dream of breaking hundred Diamonds in a year. Bill Britt will be always in our heart and soul and will live forever in us.

Posted by Kazi Hamidullah & Sadia Ahmed - Brooklyn, NY - BWW Mentorship   January 28, 2013


We will miss you!

Posted by RAJAGOPALAN VS - Coimbatore - bww member   January 28, 2013

You have been an inspiration to so many . Your dream will be carried on by generations . Your legacy will remain forever. Rest in peace.

Posted by shantanu&shobana sen - fairfax, VA - ibo   January 28, 2013

Dearest Bill,
We would like to THANK YOU for all that you have done for us on this planet. You have left a leagcy and millions of people's lives have been changed because of YOU. We love you and will live in our hearts forever.
The WORLD has been a better place because of YOU & we pray LORD to give MAMA PEGGY the strength to fight her battle.
As you step into a new world, you leave behind a SWEET MEMORY of YOU, YOUR TEACHINGS and ASPIRATIONS for the mankind and generations to come.
We love you.
-kuntal & jigna patel

Posted by Kuntal & Jigna Patel - Fair Lawn, NJ - PAPA BILL   January 28, 2013

Leave a condolence or a memory.

Posted by shantanu&shobana sen - fairfax, VA - ibo   January 28, 2013


Thank you for being an inspiration and having an impact on people worldwide from whom you had nothing to gain financially. God agve you a special calling and what you did with it was your gift back to Him. It is no doubt where you are going. We will see you one day, when we have paid our dues, as you have more than done.

Posted by Linda de Ambrosio - Orange, CA - Dreambuilder   January 28, 2013

Dear Peggy,
We thank you and Bill for all of the lives and hearts that have been changed because of you. The words that you and Bill spoke, of truth and compassion, have had such a major impact in this world, and for eternity.
You are in our prayers.
Monty and Donna

Posted by Monty and Donna Montieth - San Antonio, FL   January 28, 2013

Our heartfelt condolence. May god grant strength and courage to Peggy to bear the loss of Bill .

Posted by Ravi & Baby - Sydney - IBO DEsai team   January 28, 2013


Yes my heart is heavy and I am sadden by your passing, but you always told us that you would be ready when our heavenly father called. Sunday services at the functions were my favorite. You shared the simple message "we are personally sponsored by Jesus Christ". Bill I am truly thankful that God shared you with me and my husband. Because of your godly leadership and wisdom my husband has always respected and admired you. I know you influenced him in such a positive way. He has grown into a terrific husband, father and son. I will always be grateful for our time under your leadership.

P.S. I really hope God allows you to come back and kick some butt in Hollywood!

LaVerne Williams

Posted by LaVerne Keitth-Williams - Port Saint Lucie, FL   January 28, 2013

Dear Peggy,

I am sure you have heard this multiple times, the truth is, it is never enough how many times we say "Bill made a huge impact in millions of peoples lives directly and indirectly".

He has impacted our lives for the better as well. The best part is our kids are so fond of listening to PAPA BILL, and follow his principles. He is a man who taught us how to speak right with authority and to claim with faith what can be ours. A human being who loved others and loved by others as well.
Bill, your memories are etched in our hearts and you will live with us forever. The least we can do is move on in the business and spread your principles for generations to come and we promise we will.
Love you
Raj and Gayathri

Posted by Raj and Gayathri Rajakumar - North Brunswick, NJ - Follower of Britt Principles   January 28, 2013



There are times where I pray that God makes me more like you. You are a person that, not only had the faith, but always fought for what you believed and let everyone know it. Thank you for teaching me the true power we all have, the power of the Spoken Word. Your bulldog tenacity, and never-give-up-attitude is what the world needs. I am grateful to have know you through your message. Because of the BWW system, I have grown (and will to continue to grow) to become financially free and prosper as the soul prospers. Thank you for laying the ground work that helps us succeed. You may be no longer in this world but you will live forever in our hearts; the legacy you left is unbelievable.

Posted by Luis Herrera - Jersey City, NJ - Downline IBO BWW   January 28, 2013


Dear Peggy,
We want to tell you how much Bill has played a part in our lives. When we came into the business we did not know God, we did not know ourselves. We accepted the Savior at a Sunday service and also the teachings of Bill helped to save our marriage. We are indebted to you and Bill. We want to say thank you for all the sacrifices that you made in building this business. We miss Bill tremendously and we know he is in Jesus' arms. God bless you as you continue on taking care of the farm and of that beautiful dog that was Bill's constant companion. ( is her name Sally?). With much love and prayers,
Alvaro and Belinda Campos

Posted by Alvaro and Belinda Campos - Hawthorne, NJ - IBO - Gala Group   January 28, 2013

Bill, was a Global leader who positively impacted so many of our lives.
Feel so blessed to be part of his legacy. Thanks for all the great teachings. Will miss him, big time !

Posted by Partha Suresh - Mountain House, CA - Britt Student   January 28, 2013


We awe a lot to the man who
Developed success system in 82 countries!
We respect a lot to the loving giant
Who simplified success principles in 9 steps.
We awe a lot to a man
Who taught us 3 powers!
We bow to a man
Who practiced 5 nevers in day today life!
We are grateful to a loving tiger
Who taught us to fight together
As a man and woman for our
Economical freedom!
What a life you lived!
What legacy you left behind!
You must have gone from this earth bill
But when i see my 4 yr old
Reads"how successful people think"
I think of the powerful system you left behind
Generations to follow!
How many marriages you must have helped,
Without your knowledge!
How many you have touched!
How many people are successful just because you lived!
Bill I just want to be a Bill britt!!!
Your dream of 100 diamonds in a year is happening
You can count us in!
We awe a lot to tha man who simplified success!!

Posted by Sunitha - A role model   January 28, 2013

Bill and Peggy - thank you for the incredible system you have put together. Bill you have lived and lead by example. Because God sent you this earth so many lives are better off. Our family will listen to your CDs and learn and live the BWW principles and carry the legacy for generations to come. The principles we learnt from you have made us better person in every areas of our lives. God can truly look upto you and say Job well done. You may be physically not present with us anymore. But our spirits will always be connected.
RIP Bill Britt

Posted by Radhika Kumar - VA - IBO   January 28, 2013

Bill you will be truly missed. You have empowered so many lives across the world. You taught me the 3 Powers, and so many success principles. YOUR DREAM OF BREAKING 100 DIAMONDS IN A YEAR IN THE USA IS STILL ALIVE AND A DONE DEAL. That is a way we can show you and Peggy that we are thankful for your LEADERSHIP

Posted by Altair & Karin McLean - NJ   January 28, 2013


Dearest Peggy & Family, We Loved Bill & We Love You! Thank you for being World Changers and for showing us how to genuinely serve & love others. Your legacy will continue.

May God's unfailing love enfold you.
-Dawn Tafel

Posted by Dawn Tafel    January 28, 2013


Dear Bill, you gave us Father Power. You taught us Why we are, gave us our self image. We miss you dearly in this mortal world. But, your teachings will remain as infallible legacy for a millennium and beyond. Jaishree and I will be indebted forever.

Thank you God for giving Bill Britt in our lives.

Posted by Kalyan & Jaishree - South Brunswick, NJ - Student of Bill & Peggy   January 28, 2013


We love you Bill for being a great teacher and bringing hopes to people all over the globe. We promise, we will continue the legacy you left behind.
Veeran & Sunita

Posted by Veeran & Sunita - N. Hollywood, CA   January 28, 2013


Although we had never met, your words have and will continue to touch and inspire me. Thank you for sharing your wisdom with others. You will never be forgotten.

Posted by Rosie Hendrix - La Palma, CA - IBO, Hegde Team   January 28, 2013

There will be never be another like you. Thank you for your example of true manhood in world where there are so few. We are grateful for the impact you have had on our lives from afar. May God Bless you His Good and Faithful Servant.

Posted by Darnel and Jessica Manning - Atlanta, GA   January 28, 2013

Mr. Britt. We WILL achieve your vision of 100 diamonds a year! Getting a chance to meet you backstage when me and my parents qualified platinum was such a dream come true. A moment that I will always cherish, because I can look back and say I met one of the most influential human beings to live! God Bless you. Your legacy lives on!

Posted by Tamoor Ijaz - Lorton, VA - We were all his kids/students   January 28, 2013


Dear Bill,
We will miss you a lot !! But we know you are with us all the time with your teachings, Thoughts, Mindset you have given us, Our lives are better off because of you. You are truly Successful.
We Love you!!
Sandeep Shilpi

Posted by Sandeep Jain - Morganville, NJ   January 28, 2013


Dear Bill,

You Impacted our whole family tremendously with your teachings and what you stood for. We guided us to live a true christian life.

We will carry your torch for ever . We know heavens are rejoicing to see the faithful servant who never comprised on his faith.

We love you and wil miss you forever.

Posted by David and Sheela George - NJ - BWW IBO   January 28, 2013

Bill is a great brother he will be greatly missed but never forgotten, as I stepped outside last night and saw a beautiful bright full moon I knew Bill was in heaven looking down on us with a great smile letting us know that we are loved, it was a honor of the opportunities he gave me to help him expand his dream to people in other countries so they may have financial freedom. Bill I love you.

Posted by Jim Britt - Altamonte Springs, FL - Brother   January 28, 2013

Papa Bill, thank you for a life so well loved and lived. You impacted my life and my family!

Posted by Krishna Cheruvu - Edison, NJ - his student   January 28, 2013



You are one of a kind!

Surely, you are at the feet of the Lord.

God Bless,

Kris Rajan

Posted by Krishnan S. Rajan - Freeport, NY   January 28, 2013

Bill you have left an incredible legacy behind. We will miss you, but you are in our hearts forever.

Posted by Sugeet Ajmani - Clarksburg, NJ - Student   January 28, 2013

Leave a condolence or a memory.

Posted by Sushant sen - Fairfax, VA - Student of his teaching   January 28, 2013

You will be dearly missed! Your teaching from the Britt Stage has impacted me greatly1 Thank you Bill! My prayers to Ms. Peggy Britt and the Britt Team.

Posted by Cue - Houston, TX - Fairchild Team   January 28, 2013

Thank you Bill for impacting a Nation. Thank you for showing the world that one person can truly have an impact on millions of people. You will truly be missed and I know that God is truly smiling at you know for the work that you put in here on this earth. Job well done sir, Job well done.

Kawaune Rawlings

Posted by Kawaune Rawlings - Richmond, VA - BWW IBO   January 28, 2013


Bill was a great inspiration. Through Al & Mary Anne, Bill's teachings were and still are a great part of my life......from being a christian to owning many successful businesses.
Growing up with my parents in the business, all I knew and was taught is not to give up and to go after my dreams. I remember as a kid seeing Bill and Peggy in the hotels at the functions and looked up to them big time. Just last week, I was listening to some Britt CD's and I heard the news a couple days later.

Deepest sympathy's to Peggy and the world of his friends. You are a legend that will never die!!!!

Posted by Timothy Paciorek - West Hatfield, MA - Downline   January 28, 2013

Thank you, Bill Britt, for the great example of servanthood and passion you've lived before so many people. The message of your life will live on forever in the hearts and lives of those you've touched directly and indirectly. Rest in His eternal peace and unfathomable love. Sharon Ross-Charlotte NC

Posted by Sharon Ross - Charlotte, NC - IBO   January 27, 2013

Thank You. I hope God grants you your wish to be by Jesus' side when he returns. Hollywood and DC watch out!

Posted by Mike & Deigh Requa - Moncks Corner, SC - Personal to Kent & Jackie Allen   January 27, 2013

we love you and continue to send you prayer and love from Papa God...Bill was the first honest man i had ever met that knew God...He taught me to Love all people. I am forever grateful and we look forward to seeing him in heaven!!
Love and Blessings, Marie

Posted by Marie McClain - Virginia Beach, VA - Downline   January 27, 2013


Thank you Bill for everything. You were the first person who let me know it is ok to be a follower of Jesus and successful in business at the same time. Your words gave my life intense direction when I was just 16 years old and still do to this day at nearly 46.

Thirty years of impact and my dream is still steering my life today as a result of yours my mentor, friend and inspiration.

Thank you for teaching me to work with those who appreciate my time and to just speak what I want and not what I have. Thank you for looking in my eyes with sincerity and holding my hands and praying that day in Raleigh to our Lord.


Jerry (Rome) Batchelor

Posted by Mott Jerome -Jerry (Rome) Batchelor - Florence, SC - Friend, downline   January 27, 2013


Peggy, Bobby, and Jean,

My heart and prayers are with you. Bill was a global leader who positively impacted so many lives. I feel so blessed to be part of his legacy. More important, I am committed to his dream to break 100 diamonds in one year. Done deal. That's it. Period.

Posted by Valerie D. Moore - Raleigh, NC - Covington/Bradshaw/Coleman Team   January 27, 2013

To Peggy and the rest of Bill's family:
I thank God for Bill's life and for God sharing Bill's life, leadership, and principles with me and my wife. We were one of many couples who never achieved the success we wanted but learned so much from Bill and Peggy. Personally, I learned so much about the blessing of being a more positive person and believing more in the gifts God had given me.

I praise God for Bill's ministry in God's kingdom. I'll look forward to meeting him and celebrating with him in heaven.

Posted by Dale Stuemke - Granbury, TX - Britt WorldWide Member   January 27, 2013

Thank you Bill Britt, Because you were the leader you were, you helped someone like myself & so many others come from a poor environment to a life of happiness & wealth. The system that you designed has not only saved dreams, but it has also saved lives! You will forever be a legend to my family & I, a true hero and leader! BWW Forever*

Posted by Mansel McEwen - Charlotte, NC - Bell / Rodriguez Team!   January 27, 2013

May God continue to allow his works to live on in our hearts and souls and help someone or get out of the way. Thanks for sharing such a soldier while @ work last night I saluted him led of God not knowing of his past history of being in the military as an Officer thanks God for sharing that information today. God please keep his wife Peggy encouraged and let the family know they are in our prayers always he is with the father God for sure. Love Sista Laurie of National Church of God, Fort Washington MD and now its time to use my gift of Amway. Amen

I realize where all of my positiveness, came from was the Amway Business. Smile Love you all in the Lord.

Posted by Frances Greenhill - Clinton, MD - Business Owner for Amway   January 27, 2013


Bill Britt A legend, who gave us a new hope in our life and he lives in our heart for ever. Let his soul rest in peace with God and we pray for his family.
With prayers,
frederic Anitha Ivana. coimbatore.

Posted by frederic kishore - coimbatore - downline   January 27, 2013




My prayers are for you during this time. We, your extended family weep for Bill has stepped out of time into eternity, rejoice knowing our Heavenly Father welcomed him, "Well done, thy good and faithful servant." Great is the reward for your tireless dedication and faithfulness. There is not enough space or time to describe the impact that you and Bill have had on my life.

God's comfort and peace be with you, Bobby, Jean and the entire Britt family. May the love of millions around the world carry you through this difficult time.

Eleanor Price

Posted by Eleanor Price - Greensboro, NC - Miller Team   January 27, 2013


Bill Britt entered my life as I was just 20 years old. He had a tremendous impact on a girl that had never met anyone like him before. It seems as if it was yesterday listening to him give words of wisdom with his bulldog mentality. Although I am no longer involved with the business I remain close with Rocky Covington and a few others. The business was truely like family. I am 44 now going on 45 soon and the life lessons I learned from him have been invaluable and catapolted me far ahead of my age and belief system. I pray for Peggy as God will sustain her. I still pray for her heart and peace to be with her. His family in and out of Amway will feel the hugh loss and need time to grieve. May our Lord be with them all at this time. Amen.

Posted by Robin Senes - Myrtle Beach, SC - Amway distributor   January 27, 2013

Dear Peggy,

My first thought was that God needed Bill in heaven to keep an eye on Ray Youngblood. Then I realized that Bill would probably be instigating Ray's shenanigans up there!

We thank you so much for sharing yourself and Bill with us for all these years. The two of you together have made such a difference in this world, one living room or den at a time.

Of all the wonderful memories I have, my favorites are watching the two of you interact. His mischievous smile and the way he would look around as he got ready to say a word he knew you wouldn't like, you reminding' him that at some point if he wasn't going to give you the mike you were going to go sit down, all the marvelous interaction that showed what a wonderful marriage you had. I loved watching him look for your response to things he said or did. It was apparent that his greatest joy came from making you smile. Your love, your support, your approval, obviously meant so much to him, and by giving it you taught me how to do the same in my marriage.

By your example you taught us all that marriage is more than just two people, it is a magnification of all that is good in your spouse, and a support in those times that are tough. Bill would not have been who he was if not for your inspiration, your encouragement, your influence. Mr. Outside and Mrs. Inside a perfect match.

We love you and we thank you. Our prayers are with you and all of Bill's family, his personal family members, those in the business who were especially close, and for all of those around the world who were influenced by him. We have not lost him, he has just gone on to help build the dream from a higher level.

Robin (and Bryan) Weber, grandkids through Paul and Leslie Miller.

Posted by Robin (and Bryan) Weber - Fort Mill, SC - grandkids thru Paul & Leslie   January 27, 2013

Thank you Bill Britt for changing my life!!

Posted by Monique Johnson - Laurel, MD - Business Associate   January 27, 2013


Bill's legacy and his memory will live on in the hearts of many. I feel blessed to be part of Peggy and Bill's business family and among his "kids" here on earth prepared to move foward and share the light of the "lamplighter". Mere words cannot express the impact Bill has had on my life but his spirit and the "words" he has left behind will live on continue to guide my path. Until we meet again in God's house, farewell, Papa Bill!

Posted by Nancy Wood - Durham, NC - Business Associate   January 27, 2013

Bill finished his work here with man kind .Now he is starting at 0 and going to build a large group with the holly father Jesus Christ.

Posted by Steven Lambert - Winter Haven, FL - Amway distributor   January 27, 2013


We missed a legend , We promise you and proud to say that we and our generations are humble Britt students always. We just follow the path that you have shown to us.

Posted by S GUNASEELAN & G VANITHA    January 27, 2013


Bill: Thank you for all your service! We heard the angels singing welcoming you home. I am sure the Lord said, "son you served me well. Welcome home!" We hold the torch and will pass it on to others. "We will not be denied!" Are there bulldogs in Heaven, Bill? or are you the only one? We will surround Peggy with our love and light and she will be well cared for.... Love Julie

Posted by Julie Randle - cary, NC   January 27, 2013


We didn't know about YOU before one year. but now i am not ready to move FORWARD with out YOUR system. SO YOU ARE ALWAYS IN OUR HEART. YOU HAVE NEVER DIE .




Posted by G. RAJARAM & VANITHA RAJARAM - Coimbatore - student,   January 27, 2013



Dear Mrs Peggy,
we thank God, for Mr. Britt for his life. He changed billions of peoples life. He is resting in god's arm. we will meet him one day. Fear not...


Posted by Israel and Rajam Israel - coimbatore. Tamilnadu. South   January 27, 2013

We missed our Mahaa Guru.
He made us.
He makes us.
He is within us.

Posted by Ananthakumar - Neyveli - Diamond in India   January 27, 2013



Posted by KUMANAN@PRIYA - coimbatore, tamilnadu, india   January 27, 2013






We are one amoung the millions of people you have inspired to live the best life.Our heartfelt condolenses to Mrs.PEGGY BRITT & family.-- SRIRAM & VANISREE, PAULRAJ TEAM, TRICHY, S.INDIA

Posted by V SRIRAM    January 27, 2013


Though we lost a great leader, we have a great system to follow for ours life time.

Posted by kaleeswari murugan - Chennai - abo   January 27, 2013

Mrs. Beggy, Bill Britt was a owesome guru in a millions of people, through his system he is always living in all our heart, through the BWW system we also changing the people to the right path, thanks to Bill and Beggy

Posted by S. Balamurugan and B. Selvalakshmi - Tirupur, TN - Amway Business with Britt World   January 27, 2013


The great things shown by Mr.Bill will lead us.
BWW is THE POWERFUL system for the entire world.

Posted by tamjlarasj & venkatesan - coimbatore,tn,india - amway family   January 27, 2013

Bill Britt is great legend, He s our Inspiration for us.
He Was Changed millions of Peoples Life n a Positive way......
He Was still live a star n sky.........
our Prayer Always for ur good health peggy mam.........

Posted by Dr. B. Prakash - ATTUR- SALEM T.N INDIA - IM A ABO-PAULRAJ LOS   January 27, 2013


"Yes, It seems GOD in need of making Britt Heaven Wide. Let Bill admin there too and become Founders Crown of Jesus Christ" by Jeyaprakash, Deepa, Linya, Yalin - Muthuselvi & Mohan Team, Tirunelveli.

Posted by Jeyaprakash - Tirunelveli - AMWAY Distributor   January 27, 2013

My lord our family living god britt,we pray to rest the great soul.

Posted by Lakshmi kanthan.uma.tirunelveli - Tirunelveli - Our mentor   January 27, 2013


Britt, You are the Only God's messenger to this Universe. You have done your work to change the lives of millions of people through positive way. We promise you and proud to say that we and our generations are humble Britt students always. We just follow the path that you have shown to us.

Posted by Kathiravan & Bama Coimbatore - Coimbatore - Humble Britt student   January 27, 2013

You have changed and inspired million of people around the world,and We're one among them,thank you for the Memories....Love you

Posted by Thilagavathi and Logaprakashan,Paulraj team,chennai - Chennai - Student   January 27, 2013


U live in our heart's bill. V miss u. We love you.................

Posted by Sudharshan - coimbatore - friend   January 27, 2013


Thank you Britt for the inspiration....

Posted by Lingeshwar - Chennai - Student   January 27, 2013


bill u are legends_ u are living millions of people heart _ we never ever forget guided your path _ your inspirations make our & generation success

Posted by m.srinivasan & vani - coimbatore india - team   January 27, 2013






Posted by PRABAHARAN/UMA - TIRUPPUR - TEAM MATE   January 27, 2013


Dear Peggy,
Mr. Bill have showed a great path to follow.May the soul of Mr.Bill be rest in peace.

Posted by sivakami & eswaramoorthy - coimbatore,tn,india - amway family   January 27, 2013


A man who was sent by God to see what HE has in his Heart for his children, where people perish lack of knowledge, but Britt was sent to acquire and sow knowledge to reap what God has in-stored for HIS highest creation, I thank GOD for Britt. i know he lives eternally with Jesus in heaven above...........

Posted by Lakshmi Narayan aka Marks - Chennai - Student   January 27, 2013

Dear Peggy,
Our deepest sympathy and condolences to you and Bill's family. Bill will be greatly missed. Our prayers are with you.

In Christ's Love,
Criste and Rusti Kurlawalla
- Psalm 23 -

We Dedicate the poem below in honor of Bill Britt - written by Rusti Kurlawalla

The Lion of Raleigh-North Carolina.

Bill Britt had a title so appropriate and fit,
He led a life so transparent and slick.

He was a lion that took care of his pride,
Not only in America but worldwide.

He had toys that gave him joy, (his cars)
Though a business tycoon and still a boy.

He filled stadiums and coliseums for dreams to be spread,
So that dreamers will have more than just bread.

His life had joy, but all that was to put hope for the hopeless and that was his ploy.

He led his life for others, till the very end. He raised their hands at the thundering Rocky beat, success was the prize not defeat.

The Britt Crown Ambassador, his work is done, fulfilled and satisfied,
Rests within the heavenly abode and wears a Heavenly Crown.

Rest In Peace Bill and we will always celebrate your moments.

In Christ's Love.
Rusti and Criste Kurlawalla.
Brampton, Ontario, Canada

Posted by Criste and Rusti Kurlawalla - Brampton, Ontario, Canada - Bill's - Personal Downlines   January 27, 2013



Posted by DR T RAJENDRAKUMAR-DR KANNAKI - coimbatore. india, IN - downline diamond   January 27, 2013

You Have Created a Great path.

Posted by Sam and Reena - Ooty - Downlines   January 27, 2013

Bill was a life changer. Both from the stage and in person, Bill was a man of vision with the ability to communicate the vision and the understanding of the ability of that vision to change the lives of many. With a tough persona, Donna and I saw his tender side one night when he held our infant son, Frank, at Bobby's home. That infant is now an officer in the 82nd Airborne, following Bill's example as well as mine since I also served as an officer in the Army. Bill and Peggy exemplified service to others as they graciously and sacrificially shared their vision with countless people. Bill will be missed but his presence will always be felt. Our condolences to Peggy and the entire Britt family.
Richard and Donna Taylor & Family

Posted by Richard & Donna Taylor - Raleigh, NC - Bobby & Jean Britt frontline   January 27, 2013

i am very much inspired by the way you started this powerful organization. really as an ABO We will surely achieve qnd establish more. May your soul rest in peace.

Posted by Rajesh B - Chennai, IN - ABO Distributor   January 27, 2013

Dear Bill,
We will definitely miss you!! you have changed millions and millions of lives in a very positive way!!! You are a great inspirer, motivator for all of us.. We will ensure to carry your message!!

Our heartful condelences to Mrs. Peggy Britt and family.

With lots of Love,

Posted by Balaji & Pavithra - Chennai - IBO, BWW   January 27, 2013


Persia-Merie and I first met Bill in 1991 in Virginia at an FED as we became new business associates of Bill and Peggy. Ever since that day, our lives were transformed from mediocre at best, to dreaming and achieving the impossible. Years later, we became great friends of Bill and Peggy Britt, after experiencing major adversity in our business and lives.

Persia-Merie and I are blessed because knowing Bill and Peggy from stage is one thing, but to know them personally is one of the greatest gifts God shined on us. What a life, what a man, a confidant, and what a person that we trusted with our lives. Our goals and dedication to Bill's legacy and to his loving wife is to forever honor their dream by keeping the dream alive through service to others. You are gone in the flesh but no doubt still present in our existence. Thank you Papa Britt.

Navaldo Rico Niles, Persia Merie Niles & Traves Lee Niles
St. Thomas, US Virgin Islands
Rick and Toni Fairchild Team

"The True Meaning of Success is other people lives are better because you live" (Bill Britt, 1996)

Posted by Navaldo Rico Niles - Davie, FL - Friend and Business Associate   January 27, 2013


Your Life is in our Hearts continue.....Your Life sir has made millions of life
peaceful & ours. Thank you a True Great Leader & Human being. Hearty condolence for the beloved near & dear ones...

Posted by Jagan Gowsalya - Britt world wide Associate INDIA   January 27, 2013

Dear Peggy,
we have written to you many times, with notes and cards.
You and Bill have blessed our family in many ways. we do appreciate
and do remember those special times. Our lives have been better because of you and Bill.
We send our condolences to you, Peggy.
Bill is with the Lord and you are in our prayers.
Love you,
Gary & Nancy
God Bless You.

Posted by GARY & NANCY AYERS - Lake Mary, FL - A friend   January 27, 2013


Posted by JUDE NASH - MUMBAI, NJ - AMWAY BWW DOWNLINE INDIA   January 27, 2013

Praise God for your mentorship and your example. May God's peace be with Peggy during this difficult time.

Posted by Robin    January 27, 2013


Heard many of Bill & Peggy's tapes when we started our Amway business. Will remember him as an AWESOME laeder to many in the business.

Posted by Herbie & Paula Corrigan - Moncton, NB Canada   January 27, 2013

Bill was an amazing man. In a time when American heros are vanishing, Bill stood up and carried the slack of alot of others.
A true American hero and Warrior. Our friend and Leader, The man called Bill Britt.

Posted by Wren Sanders - Savannah, GA - Fairchild Team   January 27, 2013

We are going to miss our leader.

Posted by Clinton & Gladys Isaac - Atlanta, GA   January 27, 2013

He will be greatly missed.

Posted by Daniel Landis - Locust Grove, GA - Former Amway IBO.   January 26, 2013

Our deepest condolences to Peggy and the entire Britt Worldwide family. We know that Bill's legacy will continue for generations to come. What an impact he had on so many.

2 Timothy 4:7-8: I have fought a good fight, I have finished the race, and I have remained faithful. And now the prize awaits me - the crown of righteousness, which the Lord, the righteous Judge, will give me on the day of his return. And the prize is not just for me but for all who eagerly look forward to his appearing.

Thank God for a life well lived and a purpose fulfilled.

Al & Anita Parker

Posted by Al & Anita Parker - Woodbridge, VA - Downline   January 26, 2013

I'm so very sorry to hear of Bill's passing. I am blessed to have heard him speak at many Amway weekends in the 70's and 80's. My thoughts and prayers are with Peggy and all of Bill's family. I know he is in heaven with my dad who died 2 1/2 years ago. Christ's peace be with you. Sincerely, Vicki Todaro

Posted by Vicki Todaro - Goldsboro, NC   January 26, 2013

My husband and I joined Amway in 1989 and when we heard Bill speak at a Free Enterprise day in Richmond Va that September I knew that Bill and Peggy spoke from the heart, mind and the soul. I believe if it was not for the wonderful speakings of Bill on the importance of God and Family I would not have been the mother I was. I became a Christian because if this wonderful person.
Thank you Bill and Peggy for giving me The Lord Jesus.
We may not have built our business like we dreamed but you gave us a wonderful foundation for LIFE
Love John and Cathi Lontz

Posted by Cathi Lontz - Kernersville, NC - Downline distributor   January 26, 2013



Posted by RAJA - CHENNAI, INDIA - BWW Org Member   January 26, 2013


You have changed our lives and our family's lives for eternity.Hearing and watching you, we were inspired to boldly proclaim the name of Jesus(otherwise difficult to do coming from a Hindu background)We are so thankful to be a part of the BWW family and to have Rick & Toni Fairchild as our dear friends.Your legacy will continue on.

Mukesh & Gita

Posted by Mukesh & Gita Amin - FL - Rick & Toni Fairchild Frontline   January 26, 2013

Peggy, thank you for sharing Bill with us. How can we forget the pig pickins on Kenmore Road, the Britt Schools, or tours of your home in Ponte Vedra, Florida. Bill's winning of souls, by the millions, reminds me of 2nd Timothy 4 v5-7: 'But you, keep your head in all situations, endure hardship, do the work of an evangelist, discharge all the duties of your ministry. For I am already being poured out like a drink offering, and the time has come for my departure. I have fought the good fight, I have finished the race, I have kept the faith'. He found his highest calling, by doing the work of an evangelist, through our wonderful business. The highest rewards in heaven, that have been bestowed, are something both of you attained together. Thanks for making us all self-reflect and pursue our potential. Our loss is heaven's gain.

Posted by David & Marilyn Winters - Bartlett, IL - IBO   January 26, 2013

Bill did more to promote God in business and take a stand that led to the salvation of many now-leaders of churches and ministries. I recall the times in Atlanta when Mr. Britt encouraged us in Amway way back in the early 80's that we need to have the right attitude. He exemplified it and it's my prayer that his legacy of giving and sharing continue to bless people worldwide. My condolences to Mrs. Britt and all family members as well as friends and relatives in network marketing. We who are in Christ will see Bill again. So long until then my friend!

Posted by Gilbert Nichols - Alpharetta, GA - Brother in Christ   January 26, 2013

To the honorable Mr. Bill Britt,

I want to personally thank you for a being true vessel of God. It is because of your faith to believe in God and His will for your life, that individuals such as myself are able to walk this Earth with our heads high in celebration of your life. You laid the path for a young adult like me to become a the seeds you've sown. I know that countless generations will be affected by your actions and that will live a much better life because of it. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to positively affect lives. The greatest gift is never that of a gift, but the gift of opportunity, to bless another person. So, as you've lived prosperously and abundantly on earth, oh how our Heavenly Father may bless you even more in eternity. My condolences to the entire Britt family and everyone connected to the family. We mourn, but more importantly, we celebrate the life of Mr. Bill Britt.

See you in the Diamond Club of Heaven!

Donald Currie

Posted by Donald Currie - Charlotte, NC - BWW Business Owner   January 26, 2013

Our hearts and prayers are with you, Peggy. You and Bill impacted our lives immensly. Thank-you for sharing Bill with us all these years. We are so sorry for your loss.
Love and blessings,
Fred & Merry

Posted by Fred & Merry Falduti - Rancho San Diego, CA   January 26, 2013


Dear sit with you and talk, one on one for 20 minutes was the highlight of my entire business career. Thank God for Rick and Toni Fairchild and their love and devotion to you and Peggy as it was through them that I got to know you. I will NEVER forget the words you spoke to me and I also want you to know that your spirit is now spread all over the BWW organization and I feel you with me every where I do. We not only love you with all that we are but we adore the love you have for others. Your actions changed our lives forever and our actions will honor you forever as we are BWW DIamonds!

Posted by Dan and Lisa Gonzales & Family - West Palm Beach, FL - Downline   January 26, 2013


Philippians 1:6 takes on a much more personal meaning when I think of how Bill Britt would say it. The Apostle Paul said "being confident of this very thing, that He who started a good work in you will complete it until the day of Jesus Christ..."

I think Bill would paraphrase that and say ... "Winners never quit & quitters never win; zip your pants up in the front not on the side; be the man of the house, not the mouse of the house; let the dogs bark, this caravan is MOVING ON! THAT'S IT PERIOD !!!!!

Rick Fairchild

Expect God's Favor!

Posted by Rick Fairchild    January 26, 2013

Bill was an eye opener, he opened our lives to life as it should be both material and spiritual.

Posted by Kenny & Bretha Bryan - Carrollton, GA   January 26, 2013


"A Father Figure to me 1990 Britt School change my life completely to this day Bill your words an wisdom will live for ever you had thought me alot through out the many years "So let the dogs bark this caravan is moving on anyway." God bless you hang in there....down line Riggan..

Posted by Mervin Jules - TX   January 26, 2013


Dearest Peggy and family,
Our deepest sympathy for your loss.
Bill left the world a much better place than he found it.
His positive influence in this world will be felt for generations.
He will be greatly missed by his many friends and family.
God bless you and your family.
David Reed

Posted by David Reed - Industry, PA - Friend   January 26, 2013

I have known Bill for years mostly through BWW on Stage but also consider fortunate to meet him in person many times with the courtesy of Ken and Linda Millers (Diamonds). He is one of a kind , Fearless, Straightforward, Humble and Passionate about helping People. His Legacy and BWW is one of the best gift of opportunity for coming generations. I am grateful to him to impact my life and hence my family today I believe this world will be better place to live as we continue his Mission of sowing hope in people and standing for each other day by day. Bill you were absolutely right when you said 'We are not in soap Business we are in HOPE business'. We love you and know you are with God and smiling at warrior in BWW.

Posted by Wamiq and Nadia Jadun - Bayonne, NJ - IBO Ken and Linda Millers BWW   January 26, 2013

Thank you Bill For your love for others and willingness to serve others. It was your message 30 years ago that I came forward and excepted Jesus as my savior. My life totally changed for the better. Through the years of sitting under your teaching my life has touched alot of others in a positive way. We will continue to impact others in a positive way so that we can carry on your legacy. We Love you TOO Beggy!!
Bob and Betty Gmeinder

Posted by Bob + Betty Gmeinder - Bradenton, FL - bww team   January 26, 2013

Isaiah 58:12 (He was a repairer of the breach in the land and a restorer of the path of life for many myself included. Rest in peace with the Lord Amen.

Posted by Albert Bruce Bresciani - Eustis, FL - Friend   January 26, 2013

God took you in his loving arms. He saw you needed rest.His garden must be beautiful.For he only takes the best.
M.K Mathew. Bhopal.India

Posted by M.K.Mathew - BHOPAL - BWW.India Associate.   January 26, 2013

Dear Peggy Britt,
I do not know how you feel but I can only imagine the loss and the emptiness that someone so close to Bill can experience in a time like this. For I ask Allah (God) to be with you and give you the strength to sustain your heart and relieve you of your loss, sorrow and all sadness related with the passing of your beloved husband. For those of us who knew Bill through the BWW association, and particularly my family we are saddened by the fact Bill is no longer with us on this side and we Will not meet him at the events. That will take sometime go process and come to accept it, however this is also a celebration of a life well lived over 1000 times. How do I know? There are children that are orphans and disadvantaged in many ways 1000s of miles in a small war torn Somalia that Bill never went or knew about that are better off today because if what we learned from Bill and the money he shows us how to earn and sustain. It's his philosophy of " success is how many people are better off because you lived" that led us there. Bill may be gone physically but is here living through all of us for as long as we keep on going. The Bill in the flesh is gone and soon be burried the Bill in the spirit is here and in many homes and places and recordings and is working as hard as ever to better this world. For that this is celebration of life well lived. Sad is when a person dies but be never lived , Bill has over lived and over packed many times his short years. My 14 year cried and asked if he can go to the funeral when he heard. For my team and my family we will honor Bill by achieving his dream of 100 Diamonds a year. I remember vividly Bill saying at a function that when he dies and we come back from his burial we should drink the coffee and go show the plan that night. The caravan moves on.
As for you Peggy we keep you in our prayers and you are the piece of Bill that is here. We are yours to count on!!
Ali&Maka & family
Emeralds in Minnesota -Britt Org

Posted by Yusuf - Minneapoli, MN - Downline   January 26, 2013

Bill Britt touched my life in so many ways. So much can be said of him but his genuine warmth and compassion for others was what has remained atop my memories. Thank you Bill for sharing yourself, Jesus Christ and the hope and encouragement to become the best we could hope to be in this world.

Posted by Robert and Serena Koonts - High Point, NC - Covington International   January 26, 2013

Dear Bill and Peggy.

We love you! Thank you for the many years you poured love into us and showed us how to love and serve others. We will always keep the memory of Bill going. His "speaking" and "moving on" kept us wanting to come back for more! We are thankful to God that our cello playing was music to Bill's ear! And yes, Bill saved our life, with this Amway business....but that's another story! I love you Bill, you took the place of my dad when he died, so many years ago. You will be missed. Ken and Linda Miller

Posted by Ken & Linda Miller - Minneapolis, MN - Business associates/Friends   January 26, 2013


Bill, gave myself and many others an example of how to treat others. He gave us hope that for us and our families we could make things better. He was a leader many looked up to and learned from. Thank You Mr Bill. Stan Olszewski of Chicago.

Posted by Stan Olszewski - Chicago, IL - Extended business family   January 26, 2013

Never got a chance to shake hands with you and that will remain a regret for me. Hope your soul rests in peace. You have changed so many lives in a positive way and you will keep doing so even when you are away! Because in reality you will never be away!

Posted by Akhil Anand - Cordova, TN   January 26, 2013

Leave a condolence or a memory.

Posted by Ron wlliams - Valdosta, GA - Friend , business associate   January 26, 2013

Peggy Britt, Bill spent many isolated and private times at my office discussing his family, friends and politics over the last decade. I guess that he respected the privacy of our talks and had the respect of our relationship to keep our discussions in the office. On many occasions throughout our visits he said how extremely fortunate he was to be married to you. As always, he asked that our conversations remain private, and I have done so until today.

Posted by Dick Boger - Jacksonville Beach, Florida, FL - Yacht Broker and trusted friend,   January 26, 2013

Dear Peggy,
There really are no words for such a loss. Bill made a HUGE impact on our lives with lessons we carry with us every day. We will surely meet him again someday and take comfort in knowing that he is with his Lord.
Our heartfelt condolences are with you and your loved ones.

Posted by Wayne and Autumn Akins - Warner, NH - friend   January 26, 2013


Thank you Bill Britt for the huge impact you have had on our lives. You encouraged us to dream big and believed in us. We will miss you very much but are sure that we will see you again in heaven one day.
Peggy, we are praying for you that God comforts you and gives you the peace that passes all understanding.

Posted by Deepak & Violet Gohil - Memphis, TN - downline   January 26, 2013


I've been a Independent Business Owner for 14 years. I've listened to Bill and Peggy share Pearls of Wisdom pertaining to business practices in person and via the tapes. I've received an education that no college can provide. Bill and Peggy could have stopped traveling to the major functions years ago. Yet, they gave so much continuous effort to train and befriend their downline.
To Bill's beloved wife, Peggy, I pray that you will find sincere comfort during this difficult time. Bill has gone to get his ultimate reward. Thank you to Bill and yourself for all that you've done through the years. I also share my condolences with his immediate family and my cross-line IBOs in Britt Worldwide and Ron and Georgia Lee Puyear and their group out west.
May God Bless You Sincerely!

Posted by Melvin Freeman - Pensacola, FL - Business Associate   January 26, 2013


Our deepest sorrows for your loss.

Posted by Harold Florence - Stone Mountain, GA - IBO   January 26, 2013


Posted by jackie elmore - kinston, NC - downline   January 26, 2013

Our condolences to Peggy, Britt family and Worldwide. Bill was a blessing. We have many blessed memories from one of our heavenly father's treasures. Enjoy your new home with our heavenly father Bill.

Posted by john & angie white - manassas, VA   January 26, 2013

Mr. Bill Britt and Peggy,
Thank you Lord, thank you for Bill
I thank my God every time I remember you Bill and you Peggy. In all my prayers for you . I always pray with joy, with thanksgiving, with love because of you partnership in the gospel of Jesus Christ our Lord from the first day we met you until now, you're going home victory.. being confident of this Mr. Britt that He who began the good work in you will carry in on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus. I have you in my heart forever because your love has given me great joy, peace, great encouragement because your life has refreshed the hearts of the saints that have met you.
"Well Done Thy Good and Faithful Servant
John and Lisa
Ponte Vedra Fl.

Posted by John Hedquist - Ponte Vedra Beach, FL - friend   January 25, 2013

I will strive to carry your message of so much hope and unselfish love. Thank you for all you did to make this a world of hope. God love and keep you in all the wonderfulness of heaven.

Posted by Sherry Wareham - Monroeville, PA - Well respected mentor.   January 25, 2013

During a particularly difficult time in my life, I was at one of Bill's major conferences. As he was walking through the crowd and going past, he paused, put his hand on my shoulder, and told me to "Hang tough!" then moved on immediately. Later that week I was in a store line up. A man behind me in line shared that his wife had died a few days earlier. I was able to pass on what Bill had taught me. The statement and the way it was said, had the same effect on this man as it had on me. He was visibly moved. The two words had conveyed so much: "You can make it!", "You are worthy.", "I believe in you.", "You have potential". "There is life ahead", "you've got what it takes", "You can rise again!"

Posted by Chris Sherret - Toronto Canada   January 25, 2013


I thank God for Bill, his courage, faith and vision to move forward and become a man amongst many men. Your words and beliefe stirred my soul, may you rest in piece. "Well Done Thy Good And Faithful Servant" !

Posted by Gerald P. McCoy - Bladensburg, MD - Associate   January 25, 2013


Had the privilege to meet up close only once but Bill and Peggy have both changed our lives and the lives of our children forever. May God bless and keep Peggy safe and may Bill rest in peace in heaven.

Posted by Mike & Bobbi Younker - La Plata, MD - Downline of Al & Mary Anne   January 25, 2013

Bill Britt made such an impact with his words and actions. Directly and indirectly in my life and that of countless others. I so admired Bill's dedication to Amway and helping others achieve success through that opportunity. His love of country and devotion to Peg were so refreshing. What a legacy this man created. "Precious in the sight of The Lord is the death of His saints." Thank you Bill for a life of service, dedicated to others and their dreams.

Posted by Valerie Dimick - West Union, WV   January 25, 2013

His words changed my life!

Posted by jay griscom - swedeboro, NJ - friend   January 25, 2013

Tear Drops! Larry and I are sad to hear this news. Bill Britt was a legendary warrior for Jesus and called to save many people. "Well done good and Faithful Servant" Matthew 25:23 RIP Bill Britt and God Bless Peggy and the Britt Family as they continue his legacy with strength and courage! Deuteronomy 31:6. Our life journey is forever filled with JOY because of Bill and his beautiful wife Peggy. Tear drops...

Posted by Larry and Cindy Larson - Greenfield, MN - Downline from Ken & Linda Miller   January 25, 2013


Bill was a pioneer who paved the way for so many not only in Amway but in the entire MLM industry. He was an amazing leader, teacher, and motivator who inspired so many throughout the world to live the dream they once believed impossible. His legacy will continue to affect the lives of so many around the world in such a profound way. I have always had the utmost respect for Bill. However, the one thing I admire the most about him was the fact that he remained true to his faith and led so many to accept Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior. I have always and will continue to consider myself blessed to have known him. The world is truly a better place because he was in it. Peggy and family, I am so very sorry for your loss. Please know that you are in my prayers.

Posted by Alecia Roberts - Oak Island, NC - Ex-Sister-in-law   January 25, 2013


Dear sir, I always had a dream,but there was no one to say you can do it its only britt stage where I see great leader giving that belief to nation , that you can do better in life if you a big dream, and today I remember, dear sir bill britt, I always wanted to see myself with u on britt stage . Today I know I will miss my freedom, touched our heart. We love u.

Posted by utkarsh londhe - pune, IN - downline   January 25, 2013


I thank God for the opportunity of Being part of the BWW family and I am saddened by the passing of Bill. I had the opportunity of visitng his home in Florida and it was quite an experience. He invited me to do the Invocation at FED 2004. I will always cherish his teachings and his love for the Lord.
Our prayers are with Peggy and the Britt family.

Posted by Pastor Marjorie A. Dent - College Park, GA - IBO Wheeler Team   January 25, 2013


Thank you Bill and Peggy for all your life lessons you taught us.

Posted by Deborah Jefferson - Philadelphia, PA - IBO   January 25, 2013

An IBO whom he never met personally, bu through all the Functions and CD's, he has impacted my life. A man of valor and a great man of intergriy. A man whom has set the standards for any woman, boy, man , or girl that you can achieve any dream that you desire if are willing to put others first. He has proven that success is achievalbe when one is willing to committ to certain work ethics that he himself has already done. We love you Bill & Peggy Britt.

Posted by Shelia Fiak - Newbern, TN   January 25, 2013

Bill"s life has had a positive impact on millions of people's lives. And it will continue to have a positive impact on millons for generations to come. His 81 years made a great impact on people.

Posted by Bill Wahl - Austin, TX - Business   January 25, 2013


Dear Peggy,

We are deeply saddened to hear about Bill's passing. Our nation is today, a little worse off, without him. We've been associates since 1994, under Jon Crowe and Forest Gilbert. We've continued to be big fans through the years. He was an awesome leader, inspiration, and teacher. We've learned a lot from him and will truly miss him.

Thank you, Peggy, for all you do. Please accept our deepest condolences. May God bless you and all of Bill's family.

Dan & Midge

Posted by Dan & Midge Stott - Hurley, NY - Business Associate   January 25, 2013

I never got the opportunity to meet you, but you made a huge impact on my life! Thank You! God Bless the Britt family and team!

Posted by Amanda Nolden - Maple Grove, MN   January 25, 2013

Bill was and is a true inspiration of leadership. We will cherish the wonderful memories and amazing moments we had growing up under is wisdom.

Peggy, we miss you and love you dearly.

All God's blessing on you and your family.

Dean & Brenda

Posted by Dean & Brenda Wood - Toronto, Canada - Friends   January 25, 2013


never ever u seperated frm our heart

Posted by MAHALINGAMSANTHI - india, IN - sole abo   January 25, 2013

What a Leader!!!!

Posted by Tommy LeBeau - MN   January 25, 2013


My sincerest sympathies to Peggy and BWW.

Posted by Betty Lunsford - Hampton, TN - Downline   January 25, 2013

To me and thousands of others who only saw him on the stage from a distance, Bill Britt was a mentor, an inspiration, a hero in many ways. A man.
He let his light shine brightly. Not ashamed of Jesus.
I very much look forward to seeing him again.
Dear Lord remember your mercy and comfort his Peg.

Posted by Dave Reiter - Kiel, WI - Remote downline associate   January 25, 2013

Keep on dancin' Bill God Bless You
You Have touched the lives Of many....

Posted by Dave Wallace - sabillasville, MD - business associate   January 25, 2013


You have always been an inspiration and a loving brother. I will miss you greatly. You will always be in my heart. I have seen you touch the lives of so many with your wisdom and undying faith. You and Peggy were a wonderful team. All my love... See you in heaven someday where you can play the piano for me again.

Posted by Edith Lynn Britt Kirkland - Apopka, FL - Sister   January 25, 2013

Thanks for all you contributed with your mentorship! With much love & appreciation ...Rest my "Brother"!

Posted by Tyrone Billings - warner robins, GA - Business Brother   January 25, 2013


My heart goes out to Peggy and family. I didn't know you personally, but have know of Bill and family for more than twenty years ... You have touched the lives of more people than you even realize. Makes my heart ache. Love ya'll and you are in my prayers.

Posted by John Jenkins - Jackson, MS - Aquaintence   January 25, 2013

Bill Britt

Bill Britt

Bill Britt

Bill Britt

Bill Britt

Bill Britt

Bill Britt

Bill Britt

Bill Britt

Picture at Britt Estate June 2011 with Gala Emeralds and above

Bill Britt

Bill and Peggy's 50th wedding anniversary celebration at BWW Emerald Club
Two Souls that Bill WON FOR JESUS at his alter calls during Free Enterprise Day celebrations in California

Bill Britt

Bill Britt

Thank you for being a wonderful mentor.
Taken with Bill Britt at Fairmont Hotel, San Jose, CA in 2006
On Bill and Peggy's yacht, 4th of July 2012

Bill Britt